6 & 7
December 2023
Palais des congrès - Paris
Same dates and place as Sido Paris
Meeting with the european open source community

An event proposed by

Systematic (header)

and organized by

Infopro Digital Trade Shows

Open Source Experience Code of Conduct

The OPEN SOURCE EXPERIENCE is a friendly and welcoming event, where diversity and respect have an essential place. During the editing, as during the 2 days of the event, we have no doubt that the whole open source community will be animated by these values.

In addition, in order to guarantee the comfort of each participant, visitor, exhibitor, partners, the organization reserves the right to intervene in the event of:

  • Discrimination, harassment or assault
  • Noise pollution
  • Wild distribution of prospectuses
  • Inappropriate behaviour, images or words that would disrupt the smooth running of the living room
  • Participation of participants (visitors, exhibitors, organization team)
  • Messaging denigrates the organization or participants (in any form)
  • Inappropriate dress code – including advertising for visitors.
  • Behaviour that seeks to obtain the usufruct of a space without paying for it
  • Loss of communication of the salon.
  • Other inappropriate behavior.

In the event of any of the problems mentioned above, we invite you to contact directly and privately the organisation of the OPEN SOURCE EXPERIENCE exhibition, which will be available at the Visitors and Exhibitors reception.

Any complaint will be considered, investigated and treated in confidence as required by the situation.

The organisation of the OPEN SOURCE EXPERIENCE fair reserves the right to:
– Injunction to stop or modify behaviour, with warning,
– Warning that action will be taken if the person persists,
– If the person does not comply, the organization will ask them to leave the room immediately.

The incident may be reported to the police and a ban on participation in future events may be requested.

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