6 & 7
December 2023
Palais des congrès - Paris
Same dates and place as Sido Paris
Meeting with the european open source community

An event proposed by

Systematic (header)

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Program committee

Led by Systematic Paris Region, the program committee is made up of Open Source experts. Their role is to define the conference content orientation by suggesting relevant and impactful themes, subjects and speakers. The program committee members will also be responsible for promoting the call for proposal within the Open Source ecosystem and will evaluate the resulting proposals.


The president of the program commitee


Président du Hub Open Source de Systematic Raris Région

Systematic Paris-Region


VP, Ecosystem Development

Eclispe Foundation

Gaël Blondelle joined the Eclipse Foundation in 2013 where he is now Managing Director of Eclipse Foundation Europe GmbH and VP, Ecosystem Development, of the Eclipse Foundation. Gaël joined the Eclipse Foundation with the desire to help companies to work in open source as the best way to implement open innovation and open collaboration. Gaël has been involved in open source for more than 16 years in various roles, including as the co-founder of a startup developing an open source project, as a business developer of an open source systems integrator, and as a manager of a research project aiming to create an open source ecosystem for industrial players.
In 2021, he is the chair of the program committee of Open Source Experience in Paris.


Vice-president members

Ludovic DUBOST



A graduate of Ecole Polytechnique (X90) and Telecom Paris (95), Ludovic Dubost started his career as a software architect for Netscape Communications Europe. He then joined NetValue as CTO, a company doing online usage analysis. He left NetValue after the company was purchased by Nielsen/NetRatings, before creating the XWiki Open Source software and launching XWiki SAS in 2004. Ludovic has been a speaker at various events including OSXP / Paris Open Source Summit, FOSDEM, OW2 Conference, RMLL, Capitole du Libre, speaking about Collaboration Software, Financing FLOSS software and Privacy Solutions. He is also a member of the Systematic Paris Region Open Source Hub committee and the OpenFoodFacts board.


Directeur des partenariats stratégiques

OpenForum Europe

Paula Grzegorzewska is a Strategic Partnerships Director at OFE. She is engaged in topics such as open source, ethical and trustworthy AI and most recently, Open Source Hardware and blockchain. She co-authored the study on the impact of open source for the European Commission where she focused on the analysis of open source policies in Europe. Before, Paula supported women in closing the gender gap in ICT and entrepreneurship with an NGO in Luxembourg.

Richard HANNA

Chargé de mission interministérielle Numérique écoresponsable


Eco-responsible digital interministerial project manager at the Interministerial Digital Department with the aim of reducing the environmental footprint of public service digital technology.

Work for the general interest and the environment, for accessible, ethical and sustainable digital technology in awareness of planetary limits. Co-host of techologie.net, the podcast that tries to link technology and ecology when everything opposes them. Carbonalyser volunteer developer for The Shift Project, an open source extension for Firefox and Chrome that estimates the environmental impact of web browsing.




Managing Director of Scaleway, Yann Lechelle is an entrepreneur and a digital innovator. He participated in the creation, growth or sale of several startups. He was previously COO at Snips, a company specialized in voice assistants AI, until its acquisition by Sonos at the end of 2019. Yann is also a co-founding member of the France Digitale association, a co-founding member and member of the administration committee of the HUB France IA, and a graduate of INSEAD.


Directrice de TeraLab

Institut Mines-Télécom

Anne-Sophie Taillandier is at the head of TeraLab at IMT since 2015. She has been appointed to the “Académie des technologies” since 2022. Her objective is to support companies in the adoption of new technologies in data and AI by implementing an ecosystem of researchers, innovative companies and startups and by providing sovereign, neutral and secure technologies. Previously, she had a diverse professional experience in software companies at Dassault systèmes, CTO of LTU Technologies. Anne-Sophie Taillandier graduated from Supélec (CentraleSupelec) in 1992 and has a PhD in applied mathematics (machine learning) from ENS Paris Saclay in 1998. She has been involved in the creation of Gaia-X, of which IMT is a founding member. She is in charge of the coordination of the Gaia-X Federated Services Development (GXFS) in France. The open source codeis at the heart of TeraLab or the GXFS.


Tracks leader members




founder of BlueMind
co-president of the CNLL
VP of the Systematic Open Source Hub
President of SoLibre


Open Source Strategist and Community Activist


whose backgound is electrical and biomedical engineering before specialising on IT, through a wide diversity of missions, from development to governance through sysadmin. He is working for SNCF Group since 2007 and in 2013 achieved a MBA focused on Systemic and new kinds of management and organizations and became the "Open Source Strategist". He is since convinced these two sujects are key factors of a successfull and sustainable digital transformation, as you have to act with people through a «reinvented organization » [1] and chose technologies you are able to control. He is a cross-entreprises cooperation activist on Open Source : VP of the "French-Speaking PostgreSQL Cross-Enterprise Work Group" [2] , VP of TOSIT (The Open Source I Trust) [3] and recently VP of IMA (Innovation Makers Alliance) [4].
1. https://www.reinventingorganizations.com
2. http://entreprises.postgresql.fr
3. https://tosit.fr
4. https://www.ima-dt.org


Directeur de l’offre SI et GED


Track Business Apps Business Solutions (E-commerce, Full Stack Web CRM, ERP)




Open Source : Issues, strategies and digital sovereignty

Stefane Fermigier is a French digital entrepreneur and open source advocate. He is the founder and CEO of Abilian, a company that develops enterprise information management solutions based on open source software. Previously, he founded Nuxeo in 2000, a company that was sold in 2021 for over $150M.

François GOUPIL

Growth Developer

Scikit-learn consortium

Track Data transformation, ML/AI, distribution, analytics

François Goupil accompanies the growth of scikit-learn, the most used open source python machine learning library in the world. He manages the operations of the consortium and the relationship with its sponsors, and participates in the animation of the community of contributors and users. He is an engineer specialized in deep learning and is interested in robustness and certification issues. He is passionate about the human dynamics of innovation projects and the beauty of cooperation in open source projects.


Consultante et praticienne-chercheuse


Track Open everything (open data, open science, open education…)

As a consultant and practitioner-researcher at Inno³, Célya Gruson-Daniel assists various private and public institutes in their research and open innovation approach by promoting the implementation of open science and data science practices and the co-construction of knowledge (science/society relations). Her research projects focus on the appropriation of sustainable open models within institutes and organizations through the study and implementation of various possible levers (organizational, legal, economic, technical).

Nicolas JULIEN


IMT Atlantique, LEGO/Marsouin

Track Business models, community sustainability and funding

Nicolas Julien is an economist, Professor at the LUSSI department, IMT Atlantique, Brest campus. He was one of the pioneers of the economic analysis of the free software phenomenon in the late 1990s, and defended his thesis on the economic impact of free software in 2001. His research is always placed in the framework of innovation management and management of (virtual) organizations, and in what is called today “open innovation”. He is interested in the interactions between market institutions and non-market and open collective production (such as free software or Wikipedia): how these industries are impacted in their organization by these collective productions, both on economic models and on the organization of work. He is a member of the editorial board of the journal Terminal, and as such has co-edited thematic dossiers on intellectual property in the digital age and, in 2021, on the digital commons.


Sales and Marketing Manager

Belledonne Communication

Track Business models, community sustainability and funding




Track Cloud, Multicloud & vendor free, DevOps

Romaric is CEO and co-founder of Qovery, SRE and developer with over 10 years of experience.

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