8 & 9
November 2022
Palais des congrès - Paris
Same dates and place as Sido Paris
Meeting with the european open source community

An event proposed by

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Speakers 2021




Emmanuel Lécharny is CTO of Busit.com since mid-2019. He also participates in the Apache Directory and Apache Mina projects since 2005, and is a member of the Apache Software Foundation.


Président du Hub Open Source de Systematic Raris Région

Systematic Paris-Region

Frederic AATZ

Directeur Marketing

Azure Clients et Partenaires

Azure France marketing lead for customer and partners.
Led Open Source Strategy for Microsoft France. Focused on driving and communicating the Open Source transformation of Microsoft in France with communities, stakeholders and user organizations. Previously, spent several years of development and management in consulting, led various partners, customer, ISVs presales activities. Created the Microsoft Technology Center in France.

Alexandre ABADIE

ingénier de recherche, logiciel RIOT



Web Standards Manager


Martin, Engineer in Computer Science, is co-editor of the W3C MiniApp standards, and represents Huawei in Web-related standards bodies.
Martin was the Manager at the W3C Spanish Chapter, representing W3C and establishing developer relations in the Spanish-Speaking countries. Along with the W3C role, he has worked as a Web standards consultant, performing various projects for the European Commission as an advisor in interoperability, transparency, and accessibility. Martin led the former European open data initiative, organizing exclusive meetings with top representatives in the EU national governments and gathering the technical community to implement transparency and open data initiatives through Web standards. Also, he was involved in different European Commission’s ISA (Interoperability Solutions for the European Public Administrations) working groups, which develop technologies and mechanisms to enable interoperability among public sector bodies.

Dominig AR FOLL

Technology Consultant


Dominig Ar Foll (Dominique Le Foll) holds a Master degree in Computer Science from the Military School ESAT in Paris. He started as a research engineer during ten years before joining the Telecom Industry. Dominig has won several patents in Europe, US and Asia and regularly talks in international conferences. His experience in the securisation of pay TV services when working in Cambridge UK, has lead him to work on the security extensions for Meego TV, Tizen IVI and AGL. Having recently left Intel Open Technology Centre where he was the Lead Software Architect for Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), he now works as an independent Linux consultant for Cyber Security or Functional Safety feasibility studies. Doming is located in Vannes, Brittany, France.

Dominig is also teaches Linux Cyber low level defense at the University of South Brittany in the school of Cyber Defense (ENSTB) and being a keen sailor maintains OpenCPN (https://en.opensuse.org/OpenCPN) packaging for OpenSUSE .

François ARMAND



François Armand, dad x3, passionate developer, convinced that free software and sustainable development are our future, Scala since 2006, fan of FP (I fell into OCaml and COQ when I was a kid), CTO of Rudder: continuous audit & configuration.


CEO and founder


In 2004, Ilker founded KaiserGames and created the first web gaming platforms in Germany and Turkey. After a successful exit in 2014 he founded Famobi. He is a firm believer that “back to the web” will happen soon. To accelerate this mission, Ilker deep dives into game development with many new technologies.

Emmanuel BACRY

Scientific director

Health Data Hub

Emmanuel Bacry currently serves as the Scientific Director of the French Health Data Hub. In parallel, he is a Senior Researcher at CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) at Paris Dauphine University. For over 4 years, he served as the head of the Big Data & Data Science Initiative at Ecole Polytechnique. A national and international AI expert and general chair of various summer schools on AI and data science, Emmanuel Bacry is also a member of several French and international scientific boards and committees. Emmanuel holds a PhD in Mathematics from ENS (École normale supérieure de Paris) where he graduated in 1992. He additionally obtained his Accreditation to Supervise Research (“Habilitation à diriger des recherches”) in 1996.

Alessandra BAGNATO

Head of Modelio Research


Dr. Alessandra Bagnato is a research scientist and the Head of Modelio Research Unit in Softeam Software (Docaposte Group). She holds a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Télécom SudParis and Université Evry Val d’Essonne, France and a MSc in Computer Science from the University of Genoa, Italy. At SOFTEAM, she leads the Softeam Software Modelio team research activities around innovative model-driven engineering methods in Modelio workbench in the area of Cyber-Physical Systems, Cloud and Big Data (like ECSEL AIDOaRt, H2020 MORPHEMIC, H2020 Databio, H2020 CPSwarm, H2020 QRapids, H2020 CROSSMINER), GDPR and Privacy (H2020 PoSeID-on) and on measuring software engineering (ITEA 3 MEASURE).



Savoir-faire Linux Rennes

Eloi Bail is director of operations at Savoir-faire Linux Rennes. As technical leader and project director, Eloi works on various industrial projects using Yocto in the energy, transport, medical and robotics sectors. Finally, Eloi is the technical correspondent of Savoir-faire Linux at LF Energy, which Savoir-faire Linux joined in 2020.

Lucian BALEA

R&D Program Director and Open Source Manager


Lucian Balea is Open Source Programme Director at RTE, the French electricity transmission network operator. In this role, he leads the open source strategy adopted by RTE to increase efficiency and innovation in core business software activities. Lucian is also Chairman of the Governance Board of LF Energy, an open source foundation created in partnership with the Linux Foundation and dedicated to the needs of power systems and the challenges of energy transition. Prior to this, Lucian held various managerial responsibilities within RTE, in the fields of research and development, electricity markets and finance.

Olivier BARAIS

Professor at Université de Rennes 1


Manager — Release Engineering and Technology

Eclipse Foundation Europe


Open Source Officer

Ville de Paris

Philippe Bareille is an Open Source Officer at the City of Paris. He has a 10-year experience as a Java software engineer and as an Open Source enthousiast, he spreads the word of FLOSS in the public sector, where public money should fund public code. Paris signature platform Lutece's advocate, he is in charge of international relationships regarding the framework. You can find him at OS conferences as well as parisian concert venues taking photographs.

Mélanie BATS

Field CTO


Mélanie Bats is CTO at Obeo. In her daily work, she is in charge of the R&D team. She is mainly focused on the development of modeling tools with Eclipse Sirius like UML Designer. She is also committer for the EEF and the Sirius projects. She is also involved in the Eclipse community as being the Eclipse Planning Council chair. In her free time she is also a free software activist who has organized and participated in free software events in the Toulouse area.

Mélanie BATS



Mélanie Bats is CTO at Obeo. In her daily work, she is in charge of the R&D team. She is mainly focused on the development of modeling tools with Eclipse Sirius like UML Designer. She is also committer for the EEF and the Sirius projects. She is also involved in the Eclipse community as being the Eclipse Planning Council chair. In her free time she is also a free software activist who has organized and participated in free software events in the Toulouse area.







founder of BlueMind
co-president of the CNLL
VP of the Systematic Open Source Hub
President of SoLibre



Alter Way Cloud Consulting

Self-taught and passionate, Cyril Becker have worked on many Opensource platforms hosted in homemade data centers or in the cloud for many highly scalable projects since 2007. At the beginning of his career he worked on intensive computing clusters for The French Ministry of Defence and pharmaceutical industry. Then he joined the ranks of startups dedicated to mobile advertising and mobile video games publishing such as Voodoo. Since 2020 he is CTO of Alter Way Cloud Consulting, a consulting company of 20 experts, partner of the CNCF and certified on Kubernetes.


BU Asset Manager



Responsable Asset Management


Après des études dans Les réseaux et les télécommunication à l'Université de Rennes, Damien intègre la société FactorFX en 2009. Fort de son expérience, il est devenu expert de la solution libre OCS Inventory en œuvrant aussi bien pour son développement que pour l'intégration de celle-ci au sein de grandes entreprises et collectivités. Damien interagit au jour le jour auprès des utilisateurs du logiciel dans une logique DevOps. Ainsi, OCS Inventory se nourrit de ces échanges et les usagers sont acteurs du développement de leur propre outil. L'équipe FactorFX est attachée à cette logique à la fois transparente et souveraine.

Lorien BENDA

Cheffe de projet open source

Health Data Hub

Lorien Benda est cheffe de projet au Health Data Hub depuis début 2020 où elle est en charge de la stratégie science ouverte, open data et open source visant à décloisonner les connaissances autour des bases de données en santé afin de faciliter leur réutilisation, notamment pour des projets d’IA. Avant de rejoindre le Health Data Hub, Lorien a réalisé une thèse en Chimie à Sorbonne Université ayant pour objectif de moduler par un mouvement mécanique des propriétés physiques ou chimiques à l’échelle moléculaire.


Senior Software Engineer

Red Hat

Frédéric BERGER

Directeur technique





I graduated from ESSEC and Télécom Paristech and started my career in 1997. I launched my first company in 1999 and created DynFi in 2001.

After ten years dedicated to the audit of complex websites, I set up the primary DNS system of Angola. In parallel to this project I started an activity dedicated to Open Source firewalls and became a partner of pfSense®.

In 2016 I coordinate the development of a centralized management system for Open Source firewalls which will lead in 2018 to the launch of DynFi Manager.
In 2019 I decided to develop the first French Open Source firewall DynFi Firewall, to be launched in October 2021.

DynFi is one of the French partners of Proxmox, we contribute to the diffusion of these Open Source virtualization technologies and their implementation within Data-Center.

I lead a European team of developers with a cybersecurity focus.

Speaker at the Paris Open Source Summit in 2019.


directeur de recherche, logiciel Coq




Systematic Paris-Region


Strategic Projects Lead


With a background in business strategy consulting, experience design at LEGO, and academic astrophysics, Kester brings an eclectic mix of commercial skills to the table as the Strategic Projects Lead at FRVR. Leading the Quick App Initiative's Games Task Force, FRVR aims to help build the standard that lets all developers create and publish quality games content in a truly open way.


Professor for Innovation Economics

Technical University Berlin

Prof. Knut Blind was a senior researcher and departmental head at Fraunhofer ISI between 1996 and 2010, before returning to ISI in October 2019 as the coordinator of the Business Unit Regulation and Innovation. Between 2010 and 2019, he worked in the Innovation Management Department of the Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems as a project manager. Since 2006, he is also Professor for Innovation Economics at the Technical University Berlin. Between 2008 and 2016, he also held the Endowed Chair in Standardization at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam.


Vice President, Ecosystem Development

Eclipse Foundation Europe


VP, Ecosystem Development

Eclispe Foundation

Gaël Blondelle joined the Eclipse Foundation in 2013 where he is now Managing Director of Eclipse Foundation Europe GmbH and VP, Ecosystem Development, of the Eclipse Foundation. Gaël joined the Eclipse Foundation with the desire to help companies to work in open source as the best way to implement open innovation and open collaboration. Gaël has been involved in open source for more than 16 years in various roles, including as the co-founder of a startup developing an open source project, as a business developer of an open source systems integrator, and as a manager of a research project aiming to create an open source ecosystem for industrial players.
In 2021, he is the chair of the program committee of Open Source Experience in Paris.

Sebastien BLOT

Core Developer


Sylvain BOILY


Wazo Communication Inc.


Software tech lead


As Centreon software tech lead, drawing from more than 15 years of engineering experience in the field, I manage technical projects for Centreon since August 2017, and am instrumental in adding strategic integration-ready functionalities within Centreon’s core solution. My expertise in C/C++ combined with a holistic knowledge in multiple Linux infrastructures allows me to successfully complete projects in monitoring and test driven development. I hold an MSc in Algorithmic Mathematics and have achieved the highest teaching degree in Mathematics.
Being a lifetime learner, I obtained two years ago a data science certification which is a program offered by the Grouping of National Economics and Statistics Schools in France.


Solutions Architect, EMEA chez Sonatype

Apache Foundation, Sonatype


GIS Developer


After more than 15 years of experience in C++/Qt/Python application development, I now use my skills to develop OpenSource GIS applications at Oslandia.

I am a regular contributor of QGIS and a strong supporter of open source GIS solutions (PostGIS, GDal, QGIS...)

Benjamin CABÉ

Principal Program Manager, Azure IoT


Benjamin is a technology enthusiast with a passion for empowering developers to build innovative solutions.
A long-time open source advocate, he co-founded the Eclipse IoT Working Group in 2011 and grew from scratch a vibrant open-source community of hundreds of developers and dozens of deeply engaged companies.
He is currently working at Microsoft as a Principal Program Manager for Azure IoT, where he is leading developer engagement initiatives with some of the top communities and companies in the embedded, AI, and open hardware space.

Thierry CARREZ

VP Engineering

Open Infrastructure Foundation

Thierry Carrez is the Vice-President of Engineering at the Open Infrastructure Foundation. A systems engineer by trade, he was involved in the inception of the OpenStack project, and still contributes to its governance and release management.

With a personal interest in the intersection of sociology and technology, Thierry spoke about open innovation and open source at various conferences around the world, including OSCON, LinuxCon, and FOSDEM. He was recognized as a Python Software Foundation fellow in 2012, and previously worked as the Technical lead for Ubuntu Server at Canonical, an operational manager for the Gentoo Linux Security Team, and an IT manager in various companies.


Senior Edge Solutions Architect


Alfonso Carrillo Aspiazu has been involved in the telecom industry since the early 90s. In 2016, as Chief Architect of the OnLife Network Project, he started developing edge computing concepts at Telefónica I+D. In 2018 he was included in the list of the world’s first top 50 edge computing influencers, and since then he has been actively furthering the advance of edge computing, extending the cloud to the customer’s doorstep. Alfonso joined OpenNebula in 2021 as Senior Edge Solutions Architect, playing a key role in ONEedge—the open source edge computing platform that OpenNebula is developing with support from the European Commission. As part of this initiative, he leads strategic projects, helps to promote the adoption of edge computing by 5G providers worldwide, and contributes to OpenNebula's future integration with virtual hyperscales such as GAIA-X. You can learn more about ONEedge at https://opennebula.io/oneedge/

Philippe CARRÉ

Open Source Specialist



Managing Director


After nearly 30 years spent in the research laboratories of a large group and managing electronics design offices, Bertrand Castagnet has been running CATIE for the past 7 years, a non-profit association that he created with the support of the New Aquitaine region. With a staff of around fifty experts, CATIE's mission is to help smaller companies understand and integrate new digital technologies. Because innovation in digital technology is driven by usage and multi-technology integration, CATIE has opted for an original organisation that aims to decompartmentalise and combine three major skills that generally operate in silos: Human Factors and Cognition, Data-Sciences and Embedded Technologies.


CTO et architecte expert de solutions et protocoles de messagerie


CTO et architecte expert de solutions et protocoles de messagerie


Data scientist

OCTO Technology

Data science consultant and contributor @association Aura

Philippe CHANAL

Responsable commercial





Co-founder and CEO of Enalean, I spent the first 16 years of my career in technology companies looking for ways to develop good software. I have been interested in innovative processes to implement, in the best practices of the free and open source world, and in particular in agility since 2005. This led me to create Tuleap, to support manufacturers in their agile and digital transformation.


Customer Success Manager


Nicolas est un développeur qui a mal tourné - féru de scalabilité, traque les allocations mémoire, les lenteurs, et les problèmes dans les organisations et SI. Adore parler de l’Eurovision.


Maître de Conférences

Université de Montpellier


Technical Account Manager



Chief Editor

IT for Business

Cyrille Chausson, rédacteur en chef d’IT For Business, observe depuis 20 ans l’évolution des usages numériques et des technologies dans les entreprises du monde entier. Il a contribué à la création d’une des publications clés de l’IT B2B en France et travaillé en tant qu’analyste IT pour explorer de nouvelles formes de valorisation de l’information. Observateur assidu de l’Open Source, il a notamment participé à la sensibilisation des administrations européennes au logiciel libre en contribuant à l’Open Source Observatory (OSOR) de la Commission Européenne.




Founder and CEO of Logilab, that has been pionneering Free Software, Python and Semantic Web in France for the past 20 years.


R&D engineer

Alter way

Sihem Cherrared received a master degree in Networks and Distributed systems from the University of Science and Technology, Algeria, in 2015, and a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the Orange labs, INRIA lab and the University of Rennes 1 in 2020. She has experience from academia research, telecom industry, machine learning, network automation, and data analysis applied to network vulnerabilities (faults and intrusions) detection and recovery. At Alter Way, she is currently working as a R&D Engineer on data management pipelines and machine learning projects, highlighting multiple network use cases such as Cloud costs simulation.


Associate Dean for Research Data Management and Head of Open Source Programs Office

Johns Hopkins University

Sayeed Choudhury leads the development of digital infrastructure, applications, and services related to open scholarship. He is a member of the Executive Committee of Johns Hopkins Institute for Data Intensive Engineering and Science. Choudhury was a President Obama appointee to the National Museum and Library Services Board. He was a member of the National Academies Committee on Forecasting Costs for Preserving, Archiving, and Promoting Access to Biomedical Data. He was a member of the National Academies Board on Research Data and Information and the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Sustainable Digital Preservation and Access. He has testified for the Research Subcommittee of the Congressional Committee on Science, Space and Technology. Choudhury has served as principal investigator for projects funded through the National Science Foundation, Institute of Museum and Library Services, Library of Congress' NDIIPP, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Open Society Foundation, Microsoft Research, and a Maryland based venture capital group.

Jonathan CLARKE

Créateur & Organisateur principal

Devops REX, Rudder


Stratégie Open Source, Direction Générale e.SNCF



Open Source Strategist and Community Activist


whose backgound is electrical and biomedical engineering before specialising on IT, through a wide diversity of missions, from development to governance through sysadmin. He is working for SNCF Group since 2007 and in 2013 achieved a MBA focused on Systemic and new kinds of management and organizations and became the "Open Source Strategist". He is since convinced these two sujects are key factors of a successfull and sustainable digital transformation, as you have to act with people through a «reinvented organization » [1] and chose technologies you are able to control. He is a cross-entreprises cooperation activist on Open Source : VP of the "French-Speaking PostgreSQL Cross-Enterprise Work Group" [2] , VP of TOSIT (The Open Source I Trust) [3] and recently VP of IMA (Innovation Makers Alliance) [4].
1. https://www.reinventingorganizations.com
2. http://entreprises.postgresql.fr
3. https://tosit.fr
4. https://www.ima-dt.org


Assistant Professor of Data Science

iaelyon school of management

Julien Cloarec is a Assistant Professor of Data Science at iaelyon School of Management, Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3, Magellan and a former engineer in computer science. His research deals with the impact of big data and artificial intelligence on marketing and information systems. His work has been presented at numerous conferences, including those of the American Marketing Association, the Association for Consumer Research, the European Marketing Academy, and the European Group for Organizational Studies. He has also presented his work at the invitation of various institutions: Temple University (USA), York University (Canada), Cass Business School (UK), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany) and Universidad de la Sabana (Colombia). He was the recipient of a fellowship from the Association for Consumer Research and was awarded the prize for the best thesis in management science by the French Foundation for Management Education (FNEGE).

Alexis COMTE

Data Scientist collaborator

Association Aura

Passionate about computer science, I switched to data science in order to get closer to subjects that really interest me. I am a contributor to the Aura project.


Founder and Chair


Ms. Danese Cooper is currently Chair of InnerSourceCommons.org, and recently ended her job as VP of Special Initiatives at NearForm.com, an Irish software consulting firm tasked in 2020 with creating the Irish COVID Contact Tracing App. Previously, she served for 4.5 years as Head of Open Source Software at PayPal, Inc. during which time she was the first Chairperson of the Node.js Foundation as well as the Founder of InnerSourceCommons.org. Ms. Cooper has served as the CTO of Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., as the first Chief Open Source Evangelist for Sun (where she started the world's first Open Source Program Office), and as Sr. Director of Open Source Strategies for Intel. She concentrates on creating healthy open source communities and has served on the Boards of the Drupal Association, the Open Source Initiative, the Open Hardware Association and has advised Mozilla, the Linux Foundation, and the Apache Software Foundation. She also runs DaneseWorks, Ltd. a successful InnerSource / Open Source consultancy which counts Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, SETI Foundation, Harris Corporation and Numenta as clients. She has been known to knit in meetings.


CTO and founder


Gaël CORLAY est ingénieur réseau de l’institut Galilée. Dès le début de sa carrière en 2001,
il a toujours travaillé sur des technologies de pointe qui souvent sont devenues mainstream
par la suite : virtualisation de présentation, cloud, Infrastructure As Code, Containers et
orchestrateurs de containers (Kubernetes, Swarm…) Il est dans ce cadre un expert sur
l’automatisation. Gaël Corlay est Directeur Technique et cofondateur du cabinet de conseil
Il anime chez Cap Gemini Institut les séminaires Kubernetes CaaS, Sécurité du Caas, Migration vers le Cloud et Cloud Hybride/Multi-cloud.


Open Source Technology Strategist


Bruno Cornec has been managing various Unix systems since 1987 and Linux since 1993 (0.99pl14).
Bruno first worked 8 years around Software Engineering and Configuration Management Systems in Unix environments.

Since 1995, he is Open Source and Linux (OSL) Strategist and Evangelist, initially for an HPE reseller and now for Hewlett Packard Enterprise directly in the Customer Innovation Center. Bruno is also HPE WW Linux Community Lead.

Bruno is a contributor in various OSL projects: MondoRescue, Mageia, LinuxCOE, Tellico, FOSSology. He is also project leader for MondoRescue (GPL disaster recovery solution), project-builder.org (GPL build service), python-redfish.

As part of his work he has made numerous presentations for LinuxCon (EMEA and NA), Linux.Conf.au, OSCON, Fosdem, Paris OSS...

Bruno also likes early music, singing and playing recorder



ADLINK Technology Inc.

Angelo Corsaro, Ph.D. is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at ADLINK Technology Inc. where he looks after corporate technology strategy and innovation, leads the Advanced Technology Office and the Software and Technology Business Unit.

Angelo is a world top expert in edge/fog computing and a well known researcher in the area of high performance and large scale distributed systems. Angelo has over 100 publications on referred journals, conferences, workshops, and magazines. Angelo has co-authored over ten international standards.

Laurent COSTY



Associative executive and leader of the free association group of April; group whose purpose is to build bridges between free software and the associative world.




Stephane Couleaud is the founder and president of Webmecanik. Since 2015 Webmecanik Automation has been offering an alternative to proprietary and expensive automation marketing solutions such as Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, Salesforce Pardot or Hubspot. Stéphane is also the co-author of the reference book "Marketing Automation, please your customers, accelerate your business".

Coralie COUSIN

Data scientist

Makina Corpus

Future engineer graduated in Computer Science and Statistics at Polytech Lille, Coralie Cousin is currently an intern in the field of data science at Makina Corpus.


Head of Software Longevity & IT


Agnes Crepet is involved in projects that make IT a great tool to help people and serve projects with societal and environmental impacts. She’s currently the Head of Software Longevity and IT at Fairphone, a social enterprise creating the world’s first ethical, modular smartphone. She co-founded the company Ninja Squad. She also co-founded the MiXiT conf and has been leading Duchess France for 10 years.

François CUNY

Deputy CEO for Innovation


François Cuny left Inria 17 years ago at the end of his PhD, after having founded his first start-up based on a technology transfer developed during his PhD : VSP Technology. He devoted his post-doc year at the Nancy - Grand Est research centre to launching this entrepreneurial project, which won the national competition to support business creation. In 2005, his dual culture as an entrepreneur and researcher led him, to take part to the creation of the Paris Region competitiveness cluster Systematic, of which he was promoted to General Delegate in 2011. Among the successes to his credit was his contribution to the creation of the Institute for Technological Research SystemX, dedicated to the digital engineering of the systems of the future which now counts more than 200 researchers.
In June 2018, he took over the management of competitiveness and knowledge in the Grand Est region. In October 2018, François Cuny was appointed Deputy CEO for Innovation by Bruno Sportisse, CEO of Inria. His priorities : strengthen support for technological development and steer the institute's actions to increase its economic impact.


Responsable pôle GeoData

Atol CD

Cédric intervient en gestion de projets sur les dossiers “applications métiers” chez Atol CD. Il a par exemple travaillé pour l’ANFR, au développement de REMOcRA et sur un plugin carto pour Pentaho. Avec une approche pragmatique basée sur le besoin client, il intervient également en avant-vente sur des applications cartographiques notamment. Il dit volontiers qu’il n’est pas “un féru de code ou de technique”, ce qui compte pour lui, c’est la satisfaction du client !


Web developer

Makina Corpus

He is one of the experts in Web development, and also gives training within Makina Sapiens as well as at the engineering school ENSEEIHT (N7) of Toulouse within the Fullstack course (JavaScript, VueJS, CI / CD, quality with TU and E2E).


Ministre de la Transformation et de la Fonction publiques



Data Ingénieure

Entrepreneur d'Intérêt Général





Software developer



CMO and Change Management Projects

CEO Vision

After her studies in International Management-Marketing, with an attraction for new collaborative technologies, Olga joined CEO-Vision (2014), publisher of GoFAST Digital Workplace. The objective being to support the development of the company and Change Management services to customer-users. Olga has contributed to the strong growth of the editor (> 50%/year), which meets the needs of major accounts and prestigious administrations in France (e.g. AIFE-Ministry of Finance, Departments, Regions, Town Halls...) and abroad (e.g. AMRTP, Belgian Federal Agency Enabel...). Today, Olga is an expert in digital transformation and project management. She is a partner of the company and manages complex projects around the deployment of the GoFAST platform, the replacement of the file server, the exit of GAFAMs such as MS SharePoint-Office365-Teams, and the implementation of telework which has taken a central dimension since the beginning of the health crisis.


Directeur Innovation


fabrice DEWASMES

Chief technology and innovation officer


Ex founder and CEO of neopixl, a mobile apps agency, a great deal of my past experience has been on Java -as programmer and architect- but as an Electronics, Informatics and Signal & Systems engineer, I have also got my hands 'dirty' in thrilling embedded real time C & assembler projects and writing of drivers for Linux.
Open Source addict, I've been using it since the beginning of my work experience. I've been involved in Open Source whether as a contributor (Jakarta Slide, OsWorkflow, Shark), project creator (Eclipse JWT), or 'evangelist' (Linux solutions, ObjectWeb Con, 01 seminaries,…). I've been also providing OS services for over 10 years now (part of this activity was the Open Wide in France), working tightly with OS communities such as OW2 and Eclipse.

Specialties: management, consulting, tech, innovation, IoT, mobile, a bit of ML and beer crafting ?and drummer ?

Roberto DI COSMO

Directeur de Software Héritage


An alumnus of the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, with a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Pisa, Roberto Di Cosmo was associate professor for almost a decade at Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris. In 1999, he became a Computer Science full professor at University Paris Diderot, where he was head of doctoral studies for Computer Science from 2004 to 2009. President of the board of trustees and scientific advisory board of the IMDEA Software institute, and member of the national committee for Open Science in France, he is currently on leave at Inria.
He created in 2015, and now directs Software Heritage, an initiative to build the universal archive of all the source code publicly available, in partnership with UNESCO.

Jean-Sebastien DIEU

Capital Fund Management, Architect

Capital Fund Management

Jean-Sébastien est depuis 4 ans architecte/chef de projet multi-casquettes au sein de l'IT de Capital Fund Management, un hedge fund qui met la recherche et la technologie au centre de sa stratégie. Fort de plus de 15 ans d'expérience dans l'IT/IS, il a été développeur chez Dassault Système, Neoxam et Tech Lead à la Société Générale. Après une intense période en C++ il a découvert Python il y a une dizaine d'année pour vraiment le mettre en pratique industriellement il y a 5 ans. Séduit par les capacités du langage, il a souhaité aller plus loin que de petites contributions et a travaillé à ouvrir son projet Pytest-Monitor, y voyant un intérêt au delà de l'utilisation interne chez CFM. Cette première contribution ayant été bien accueillie, il a décidé de libérer aussi Monitor Server API. Toujours en quête du meilleur outil pour ses projets , il n'hésite pas à contribuer aux outils existants voire à en créer quand il ne trouve pas le bon.

Sébastien DINOT

technical expert


Sébastien Dinot has been involved in open source since 1998. He provides CS GROUP's teams and clients with support in the technical, legal, community and economic dimensions of free software, and assists them in releasing software, developing its governance and animating it. He is the author of CS GROUP's open source governance and a member of the committee that oversees the release of software developed by CS GROUP and the company's contributions to other software.

Ludovic DUBOST



Creator of XWiki and CEO of XWiki SAS, Ludovic has been the gentle organizer of the XWiki SAS company for 16 years. XWiki SAS, only building free & open-source software leads the development of the XWiki Software used by thousands of organizations and helps companies and organizations all over the world organize, share, and collaborate on content. XWiki also leads the development of CryptPad (https://cryptpad.fr), the first end-to-end encrypted Collaboration Suite. A graduate of Ecole Polytechnique (X90) and Telecom Paris (95), Ludovic Dubost started his career as a software architect for Netscape Communications Europe. He then joined NetValue as CTO, a company doing online usage analysis. He left NetValue after the company was purchased by Nielsen/NetRatings, before creating the XWiki Open Source software and launching XWiki SAS in 2004. Ludovic has been a speaker at various events including Paris Open Source Summit, FOSDEM, OW2 Conference, RMLL, Capitole du Libre, speaking about Collaboration Software, Financing FLOSS software and Privacy Solutions. He also is a member of Systematic Paris Region Open Source Hub committee and the OpenFoodFacts board.

Ludovic DUBOST



A graduate of Ecole Polytechnique (X90) and Telecom Paris (95), Ludovic Dubost started his career as a software architect for Netscape Communications Europe. He then joined NetValue as CTO, a company doing online usage analysis. He left NetValue after the company was purchased by Nielsen/NetRatings, before creating the XWiki Open Source software and launching XWiki SAS in 2004. Ludovic has been a speaker at various events including OSXP / Paris Open Source Summit, FOSDEM, OW2 Conference, RMLL, Capitole du Libre, speaking about Collaboration Software, Financing FLOSS software and Privacy Solutions. He is also a member of the Systematic Paris Region Open Source Hub committee and the OpenFoodFacts board.

Stéphane DUCASSE

directeur de recherche, logiciel Pharo



Database referent


Database referent at the National Institute for Geographic and Forestry Information (IGN).
DBA, data administrator, trainer of the DBAs of the IGN.
Member of the PostgreSQL inter-company group (PGGTIE).



/e/, pro-privacy, de Googled mobile ecosystem

Founder of Mandrake-Linux in 1998 and Ulteo in 2006. Gaël is a 20-year experience IT entrepreneur with a preeminent background in software development, innovation, global projects, Open Source strategies, and community management.

He has a strong capacity to start projects from scratch and bring them to a global audience (Mandrakesoft SA, IPO 2001).

Jean-Christophe ELINEAU



Co-président programme POSS2016

Matthieu FAURE

Open Source Project Director


Open Source Project Director @ Adullact
Creator of Asqatasun (formerly Tanaguru) and Contrast-Finder: open source tools for web accessibility #a11y
Volunteer instructor @ Les Glenans sailing school


Manager Smile Business Applications

AAA Data


Directeur de l’offre SI et GED


Track Business Apps Business Solutions (E-commerce, Full Stack Web CRM, ERP)





Co-founder and co-chairman


Stefane Fermigier is a French tech entrepreneur and open source advocate. He is the founder and CEO of Abilian, a company which develops enterprise information management solutions based on open source software. Previously, he founded Nuxeo in 2000, a company which was sold in 2021 for M$150 .

He has co-founded organisations dedicated to developing the open source ecosystem in France and Europe:

- EUCLIDIA (2021)
- APELL (2020)
- The PyData Paris / PyParis conference (2014)
- CNLL (2010)
- GTLL (2007)
- The Open World Forum conference (2008)
- EuroLinux (2000)
- AFUL (1998)

He's also the founder or a co-founder of several open source projects, including:

- 2016: Olapy (Python-based business analytics)
- 2012: Abilian SBE (Python-based social business platform)
- 2009: Apache Stanbol (content analysis)
- 2009: Apache Chemistry (CMIS implementations in several languages)
- 2007: Nuxeo EP (Java-based ECM platform)
- 2002: Nuxeo CPS (Python based collaboration suite)




Open Source : Issues, strategies and digital sovereignty

Stefane Fermigier is a French digital entrepreneur and open source advocate. He is the founder and CEO of Abilian, a company that develops enterprise information management solutions based on open source software. Previously, he founded Nuxeo in 2000, a company that was sold in 2021 for over $150M.




Pierre FICHEUX is currently CTO at Smile-ECS, a software service company specialized in open source technologies.
Pierre is also a teacher and manager for the GISTRE (Génie Informatique des Systèmes Temps Réel et Embarqués) speciality at EPITA, a famous french school of computer science.
He's also author of 4 editions of "Linux embarqué" (Embedded Linux), a reference book about building and using Embedded Linux systems (Eyrolles editions).


Developer Advocate


Developer Advocate with 15+ years experience consulting for many different customers, in a wide range of contexts (such as telecoms, banking, insurances, large retail and public sector). Usually working on Java/Java EE and Spring technologies, but with focused interests like Rich Internet Applications, Testing, CI/CD and DevOps. Currently working for Hazelcast. Also double as a trainer and triples as a book author.

Charles-Edouard GAGNAIRE

Tech Lead AWS

Alter way

Computer enthusiast since his childhood, Charles-Edouard Gagnaire has worked on Linux projects for nearly ten years. His clients ranging from chemical giants to broadcast networks, he has learned a lot on high performance, high availability tradeoffs. In 2019, he joined alter way Cloud Consulting, a consulting company of 20 experts, partner of the CNCF specialized in Cloud and Kubernetes projects. As of January 2021, he graduated to AWS Technical Leader for this same company.





co-founder and member of the Management Board.


Sylvain GARCIA

CCO and Partner


Sylvain Garcia is sales director and partner of BlueMind.
Trained as a system and network engineer, he participated in the largest Opensource messaging projects in France as an integrator and technical expert before switching to the commercial side.
Passionate about messaging, his functional and relational expertise allows him to distribute and support BlueMind projects in France and abroad.


Alton and Sandra Cleveland Professor in the Department of Civil and Systems Engineering

Johns Hopkins University

Lauren Gardner is the Alton and Sandra Cleveland Professor in the Department of Civil and Systems Engineering at Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering and holds a joint appointment In the Bloomberg School of Public Health. She is the creator of the interactive web-based dashboard being used by public health authorities, researchers, and the general public around the globe to track the outbreak of the novel coronavirus that has spread worldwide since early January, infecting more than 47 million and killing more than 1.2 million people around the world. Since its launch, the dashboard has recorded over 200 billion feature requests, which are the number of interactions visitors have with the underlying data available on the site.


Foundation coordinator

The Document Foundation


Research Engineer


T. Gomez-Diaz is a CNRS engineer at the Gaspard-Monge Computer Laboratory (LIGM) since 2002, where her mission is to make LIGM software visible and accessible. She participates in the improvement of the conditions of development and dissemination of this software, and had a similar role at the national level, during her participation in the PLUME Project (2007-2013), where she launched and contributed to the catalogue of research software.

She has worked in several laboratories and companies in the fields of mathematics and computer science in France, Spain and Great Britain, and has been an Expert for the European Commission in the fields of Infrastructure and Open Science.

Together with Prof. Tomas Recio (University of Nebrija, Madrid), she proposed the CDUR protocol for the evaluation of research software and a definition of Open Science that emphasizes the objective of making scientific outputs visible, accessible and reusable.

Etienne GONNU

Chargé de mission affaires publiques


Étienne Gonnu est en charge des affaires publiques pour l'April depuis janvier 2016.

François GOUPIL

Growth Developer

Scikit-learn consortium

Track Data transformation, ML/AI, distribution, analytics

François Goupil accompanies the growth of scikit-learn, the most used open source python machine learning library in the world. He manages the operations of the consortium and the relationship with its sponsors, and participates in the animation of the community of contributors and users. He is an engineer specialized in deep learning and is interested in robustness and certification issues. He is passionate about the human dynamics of innovation projects and the beauty of cooperation in open source projects.


Director, Senior Advisor


Gilles is Director and a senior open source strategy advisor in Wipro's Open Source Consulting Practice. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, he provides open source and blockchain strategy consulting and advisory services to Wipro's key customers worldwide. He has a pragmatic approach to open source, and regularly advises global companies, start-up, and venture capitalists on open source strategy, licensing issues, business models...


Director, Senior Advisor


Gilles is Director and a senior open source strategy advisor in Wipro's Open Source Consulting Practice. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, he provides open source and blockchain strategy consulting and advisory services to Wipro's key customers worldwide.

He has a pragmatic approach to open source, and regularly advises global companies, start-up, and venture capitalists on open source strategy, licensing issues, business models...




Nicolas GREKAS

Principal Engineer


Nicolas works as Principal Engineer at Symfony, the company. Before, he was CTO for Blackfire.io, the PHP profiler that we were all missing. He started sending pull requests to Symfony by the end of 2013 and since nobody told him to stop, he ended up being a core team member & top-ranking contributor. He likes figuring out how to take the most out of the PHP engine, optimizing CI matrices and removing lines of code.


Responsable de l'offre WSO2

AAA Data


Director of Outreach and Partnerships

Programme Vitam

Alice GRIPPON is an archivist by training and holds a master's degree in organisational management from the IAE in Paris, with a specialisation in associative organisations. She worked for almost 15 years at the Association of French Archivists before joining the Vitam 2019 Programme as Director of Dissemination and Partnerships. She leads the Users' Club and coordinates internal and external communication activities.




Pierre Gronlier has been working for over a decade in IT industry with a particular interest on operationalizing and scaling systems in the field of real-time communication and cloud services.
With an academic background in real-time embedded systems and applied mathematics in signal processing and machine learning, he started as a research engineer in video compression before joining Skype and Microsoft. He then joined OVHcloud as cloud solution architect, advising and helping key accounts with theirs IT resources architecture and consumption. He participated in the development of the first GaiaX prototypes. Favorite hobbies are software and hardware prototyping and reverse-engineering systems.

Laurent GRUBER



Laurent is the CEO / CTO of Claroline since 2015, he is basically a GNU/Linux system administrator and a science teacher in college. This gives him a technical and a functional hat on the application domain (LMS) of Claroline


praticienne-chercheuse et consultante



Consultante et praticienne-chercheuse


Track Open everything (open data, open science, open education…)

As a consultant and practitioner-researcher at Inno³, Célya Gruson-Daniel assists various private and public institutes in their research and open innovation approach by promoting the implementation of open science and data science practices and the co-construction of knowledge (science/society relations). Her research projects focus on the appropriation of sustainable open models within institutes and organizations through the study and implementation of various possible levers (organizational, legal, economic, technical).


Conseillère politique

OpenForum Europe


Senior Policy Advisor

OpenForum Europe

Paula Grzegorzewska is a Senior Policy Advisor at OpenForum Europe. She is engaged in topics such as Open Source Software, ethical and trustworthy AI, Open Source Hardware and blockchain. Paula is one one the authors of the study on the impact of Open Source for the European Commission. Before, she supported women in closing the gender gap in ICT and entrepreneurship with an NGO in Luxembourg. She has a keen interest in ways that technology can be open, equal, sustainable and beneficial for the society.


Directeur des partenariats stratégiques

OpenForum Europe

Paula Grzegorzewska is a Strategic Partnerships Director at OFE. She is engaged in topics such as open source, ethical and trustworthy AI and most recently, Open Source Hardware and blockchain. She co-authored the study on the impact of open source for the European Commission where she focused on the analysis of open source policies in Europe. Before, Paula supported women in closing the gender gap in ICT and entrepreneurship with an NGO in Luxembourg.


Policy Advisor

OpenForum Europe

Giulia Guadagnoli is a Policy Advisor at OpenForum Europe (OFE). She has a strong background in Project Management and Policy Analysis. Before joining OFE, she worked for several organisations in the field of public affairs, such as Europol and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Italy, amongst others. She graduated summa cum laude from Bocconi University with a Master of Science in Economics and Management of Government and International Organisations. During her work and academic experiences, she developed a genuine interest in tech-related issues, with specific reference to the relation between innovation and geopolitics.

Laurent GUERIN

Senior Architect


Senior Architect/Consultant at Capgemini, Open Source & Agile supporter, Telosys project leader, Part time professor (Univ. Nantes)


Lead Ingénieur Infrastructure


Sébastien GÉRARD

Directeur de recherche



Déléguée en charge de la Formation


Neila HAMADACHE est déléguée à la Formation après 10 ans d’expérience en OPCA dans l’accompagnement de la Branche et des entreprises du Numérique, de l’Ingénierie, des Etudes et du Conseil et de l’Evènement dans la mise en œuvre de leur politique Emploi/Formation et la réalisation d’études Emploi/Formation sectorielles.

Elle a pour mission d’animer la Commission Formation et apporte une réponse aux demandes de conseil des adhérents en matière de Formation (droit de la formation, dispositifs de financement…).

Par ailleurs, elle représente Numeum dans différentes instances paritaires de la Branche professionnelle (OPIIEC – Observatoire prospectif des Métiers et Qualifications de la Branche, CPNEFP – Commission Paritaire Nationale pour l’Emploi et la Formation Professionnelle) et de l’Opco Atlas.


Project Manager


I have a Master's degree in Industrial Systems Engineering and have been with the SNCF group for over 20 years.
After nearly 15 years of operational experience, I joined the operational engineering department, first at Systra and then at SNCF Réseau. By joining DGEX Solutions, I was able to design and develop various simulation and optimisation tools. Today, I am the project manager of a simulation tool to design tomorrow's rail transport services.

Richard HANNA

chargé de mission interministérielle Green Tech


Chargé de mission Green Tech – Numérique écoresponsable (https://ecoresponsable.numerique.gouv.fr/) à la Direction interministérielle du numérique dans l’objectif de réduire l’empreinte environnementale du numérique du service public.
Œuvre pour l’intérêt général et l’environnement, pour un numérique accessible, éthique et soutenable en conscience des limites planétaires.
Co-animateur de techologie.net, le podcast qui tente de lier technologie et écologie quand tout les oppose.
Développeur bénévole de Carbonalyser pour The Shift Project, une extension open source pour Firefox et Chrome qui estime l'impact environnemental de la navigation web.

Richard HANNA

Chargé de mission interministérielle Numérique écoresponsable


Eco-responsible digital interministerial project manager at the Interministerial Digital Department with the aim of reducing the environmental footprint of public service digital technology.

Work for the general interest and the environment, for accessible, ethical and sustainable digital technology in awareness of planetary limits. Co-host of techologie.net, the podcast that tries to link technology and ecology when everything opposes them. Carbonalyser volunteer developer for The Shift Project, an open source extension for Firefox and Chrome that estimates the environmental impact of web browsing.


Office of CTO, Vertical Community Strategy Lead

Red Hat

An internationally known open source strategist and community engagement expert, Leslie Hawthorn has spent her career creating, cultivating, and enabling open source communities. She has driven open source strategy in Fortune 10 companies, pre-IPO startups, and Foundation Boards including senior roles at Red Hat, Google, the Open Source Initiative, and Elastic. She currently leads the team responsible for vertical community strategy within Red Hat’s Open Source Program Office in the Office of the CTO.
A frequent speaker on all topics open source and digital transformation, Leslie enjoys dreaming about how open source and open standards can create citizen-centric Smart Cities. Born and raised in Silicon Valley, Leslie has called Europe since 2014 and resides in Bonn, Germany with her daughter, their two canaries, Elle and Nana, and a small cat named Fee.

Philippe HEMMEL



Profil technique polyvalent, j'ai acquis une large vision des problématiques du Système d'Information dans des contextes variés : public, privé, SSII, en tant que chef de projet, consultant, directeur technique ou encore DSI. Ma proximité avec les utilisateurs et mon intérêt pour les systèmes collaboratifs et les logiciels libres m'ont amené à créer Arawa début 2016, dont l'objectif est de répondre à la problématique du développement de la collaboration et de l'accès à l'information tout en assurant la maîtrise et la sécurité des données. Je participe aux communautés OpenOffice / LibreOffice depuis 2003 et ownCloud / Nextcloud depuis 2015.


Opensource Evangelist



Tech Lead DevOps

Alter way

Katia HIMEUR TALHI is a DevOps Technical Leader at alter way, a French company specialized in open source solutions, recognized as KCSP by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. After studying computer science, she specialized in data science and web development. In addition to application development, she looked at the systems that host the applications and the entire application lifecycle. She joins alter way in 2017 and works on the development of a Container as a Service platform. She also works on many other subjects like continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous deployment, infrastructure as code...She helps customers in their MoveToCloud and MoveToKubernetes strategies.

Benjamin JEAN



Benjamin Jean is a lawyer specialising in intellectual property and founder of the firm Inno³. He specialises in the management of intellectual property in the context of open models (Open Source, Open Data, Open Hardware, interoperability or more generally Open Innovation and Open Access).
For more than fifteen years, he has worked mainly on the new uses and collaborations that are developing around creation and innovation (Open Source, Open Data or more generally the whole movement in favour of open innovation).

François JEANNE


IT for Business

Journaliste collaborant au mensuel IT for Business, François Jeanne a rédigé de nombreux portraits de DSI, de reportages en entreprises et plusieurs dossiers chaque année sur les thématiques Innovation, supply chain, gestion du patrimoine informatique, informatiques sectorielles... Depuis novembre 2005, il est également consultant éditorial (journaux, sites web, les conférences) autour des NTIC et des nouvelles technologies.

Christophe JUILLET

Responsable Architecture d'Entreprise Groupe


Christophe Juillet est responsable de l’Architecture d’Entreprise pour le Groupe EDF. Il est le garant d’une maîtrise des architectures SI déployées dans le Groupe et pilote des dossiers de transformation transverse de ces architectures. La priorité à l’Open Source est une des politiques fondamentales de l’Architecture d’Entreprise du Groupe EDF. À ce titre, il participe activement aux travaux de TOSIT.

Nicolas JULIEN


IMT Atlantique, LEGO/Marsouin

Track Business models, community sustainability and funding

Nicolas Julien is an economist, Professor at the LUSSI department, IMT Atlantique, Brest campus. He was one of the pioneers of the economic analysis of the free software phenomenon in the late 1990s, and defended his thesis on the economic impact of free software in 2001. His research is always placed in the framework of innovation management and management of (virtual) organizations, and in what is called today “open innovation”. He is interested in the interactions between market institutions and non-market and open collective production (such as free software or Wikipedia): how these industries are impacted in their organization by these collective productions, both on economic models and on the organization of work. He is a member of the editorial board of the journal Terminal, and as such has co-edited thematic dossiers on intellectual property in the digital age and, in 2021, on the digital commons.

Etienne JULIOT



Co-founder of Obeo, he is now vice-president of the company, in charge of sales.

A graduate of the Master's degree in Software Architecture from the University of Nantes, Etienne Juliot has more than 20 years of experience in the field of software engineering and MDE.

Very involved in several Open Source communities such as Eclipse and PolarSys, he is an international speaker and a member of the board of the Eclipse Foundation.


Core Developer



Chef de Projet et Gestion du Changement

CEO Vision

Mohamed, passionné de Gestion de projet, a su trouver sa place rapidement au sein de l'équipe CEO-Vision qu'il a rejoint en Août 2020. Il est en charge de la Gestion de projet et l'accompagnement au changement. Mohamed est titulaire du Master 2 professionnel Chef de Projet Informatique Assistant Maîtrise D’Ouvrage qu'il a obtenu à l’Institut Poly Informatique à LYON

Bertrand KELLER

Serving the public good


Several years of accumulating experience and now helping to improve the state's approach.

Brian KING

Community Manager

Eclispe Foundation

As the Community Manager for Cloud DevTools at the Eclipse Foundation, Brian King is responsible for driving community growth, adoption and evolution around open source cloud-based development tools including Eclipse Che and Eclipse Theia at a worldwide level. Working closely with members and developers from Red Hat, IBM, Intel, SAP and other industry giants, Brian leads strategic planning, organizational decision making, and new project execution for one of the industry’s fastest growing working groups. Before joining Eclipse, Brian led communities thousands strong at Toptal and co-built the Mozilla Reps program with the Mozilla Corporation.


Software QA Engineer


Born in Greece; came to France to study at Polytech Tours, then at Polytech Sorbonne (ex UPMC). I have a degree in Embedded Systems Engineering and work at AdaCore as a Software QA engineer.


Solutions Engineer

Rasa corp.

Eric Kontargyris is a Solutions Engineer for Rasa where he deploys conversational AI assistants that work for everyone. He has deep experience in the business intelligence and analytics space providing solutions to the financial services and telecommunications industries.

Philippe KRIEF

Research Relations Director

Eclispe Foundation

Philippe Krief is the Research Relations Director of the Eclipse Foundation. He is a project leader, expert in open-source, object-oriented design, embedded development, development tools, and the Agile-Scrum development process. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science, option Artificial Intelligence and Integrated Development Environments from University Paris VIII, France in 1990.
He has a passion for Eclipse since its beginning, early 2000 when he was involved in the early versions of the Eclipse platform. Before joining the Eclipse Foundation staff, he worked 18 years for IBM as Senior Architect, Collaborative Application Lifecycle Management evangelist, and R&D Development Manager.
Today, Philippe is supervising 8 European research projects (H2020, ITEA3 & ECSEL), mainly for dissemination, community building, and open-source best practices tasks.


Director E-commerce

OpenSource Connections

René leads OSC’s e-commerce practice. He has worked in search for almost 15 years, including projects for top 10 German e-commerce sites. His technological focus is on open source search technologies such as Solr, Elasticsearch and Lucene. He maintains the Querqy library for query rewriting and is co-initiator of the Chorus project, an open source software stack for search. René is co-founder and main organiser of MICES, a community event on e-commerce search.


Délégué Général


Délégué Général de l'ADULLACT
Spécialiste du logiciel libre depuis +20 ans
Spécialiste des métiers des collectivités sous licence libre


Enterprise & Open Source


Denis Lafont-Lafont is a tech executive and former VC with a focus on open-source in the enterprise world. He is now at Freelance.com, a French company helping Fortune 2000 enterprises to find the best contractors.

Damien LAINE

Sr. Engineering Manager - R&D





Tobie Langel is the founder of UnlockOpen, a boutique consulting firm that helps large organizations build a strong open source culture and leverage it to recruit, retain, and foster top software engineering talent, improve team efficiency and boost innovation.

His clients include companies such as Google, Microsoft, Intel, Mozilla, Coil, or Airtable.

Tobie is the facilitator of AMP’s Advisory Committee, a voting member of the OpenJS Foundation Cross Project Council, sits on the Advisory Council of OASIS Open Projects, and is a Founding Member of the Organization for Ethical Source.

Previously, he was a member of Facebook’s Open Source and Web Standards team, and was Facebook’s Advisory Committee representative at W3C.

Tobie Langel is known for having co-maintained the Prototype JavaScript Framework. He also edited a number of Web standards, including WebIDL, and led W3C’s Web platform testing effort.

Philippe LATOMBE

Député de la Vendée

Assemblée nationale

Severine LAUGIER

CEO et gestion de projets



Co-founder & CTO


Fabrice founded OCamlPro in 2011, a company that helps companies use OCaml in industrial projects, with prestigious clients such as Jane Street, the Citrix Xen Team, Esterel Technologies, MERCE, Samsung and Facebook, the Tezos Foundation, with the implementation of its prototype of Tezos from 2014 to 2018. He created Origin Labs in 2019, to develop the Dune Network blockchain, a fork of Tezos. A Former Computer Scientist at INRIA, Fabrice worked on improving Programming Languages, especially statically-typed functional languages, and Distributed Systems, in particular peer-to-peer networks.
He developed several open-source and free softwares, mostly in OCaml: JoCaml, MLdonkey (multiprotocol p2p client), MNPlight (jailbroken iPhone must-have), LAMP (Linux Animation and Movie Player, in C++). Fabrice has long been a member of the IRILL lab on Open-Source software, and a member of the steering committee of the open-source hub at Systematic.

Jonathan LE LOUS

Field CTO


Jonathan LE LOUS

Field CTO


VP Cloud/DevOps @ Paris Open source Summit 2019; Open Source Contributor for 15 years; France/Canada. For 15 years I have been passionate helping organizations being LeanAgile and modernizing their App Portfolios and Software Development Life Cycle. Using DevOps, Cloud, PaaS, Containers, Microservices, API we have been succeeding to increase delivery velocity and reducing Infrastructure TCO. Passionate by Open Source, as a pragmatic leader I'm used to working with partners and technologies from everywhere (Community, Red Hat/IBM, Anthos, GCP, AWS, Azure...) and building bridges between traditional IT and innovative approaches.




After 30 years of shared career between the group Safran, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of the Interior, I co-founded in 2014 the company Scille, publisher of free software specialized in the digital transformation of its major client accounts and in particular security and sharing of their sensitive, even confidential data on the public cloud.




Managing Director of Scaleway, Yann Lechelle is an entrepreneur and a digital innovator. He participated in the creation, growth or sale of several startups. He was previously COO at Snips, a company specialized in voice assistants AI, until its acquisition by Sonos at the end of 2019. Yann is also a co-founding member of the France Digitale association, a co-founding member and member of the administration committee of the HUB France IA, and a graduate of INSEAD.




Ingénieur de recherche au CNRS, expert en exploration de modèles de simulation et en systèmes complexes. En 2020, il fonde Trempoline avec Catherine Robert et Romain Reuillon, pour valoriser ses travaux de recherche et le logiciel libre OpenMOLE (http://openmole.org)


CTO (Directeur Technique Groupe)

Alter way

Nicolas LEPAGE



I'm a passionate developer, currently employed at Zenika IT.

I like to get involved in long-term projects, where I can improve people's daily lives with custom software fitting their needs.

Jielei LI

Cognitive software engineer In Orange


Cognitive software engineer In Orange

Jean Pierre LORRE

Directeur de recherche


En tant que directeur de la recherche et du développement de LINGORA, Jean-Pierre Lorré joue un rôle central dans la définition de la stratégie globale de LINAGORA pour le développement de produits, une vision qui l'a guidé dans la construction d'une solide équipe de chercheurs et d'experts en ingénierie qui servent de moteur d'innovation derrière les produits LINAGORA. Jean-Pierre apporte une expertise industrielle et académique dans un large éventail de sujets, y compris l'intelligence artificielle, la reconnaissance automatique de la parole, le traitement du langage naturel ainsi que les architectures logicielles réparties et les modèles open-source. Ce large éventail de compétences lui permet de s'attaquer à des problèmes importants tant en recherche fondamentale qu'en industrialisation, et de jouer un rôle de premier plan dans plus de vingt projets collaboratifs européens et français à ce jour.

Arthur LUTZ



System tinkerer at Logilab for the past 15 years.


Responsable du programme logiciels phares Inria, InriaSoft

Laurent MARIE



Jean-Baptiste MARIN

Architecte télécoms



Database expert


Bérengère MATHIEU

data scientist

Makina Corpus

Bérengère MATHIEU, PhD in "image, information and hypermedia" works as a Data Scientist in the data science expertise centre of Makina Corpus. She uses her mastery of the various data science techniques to industrialise projects integrating AI by working in collaboration with the teams of experts in Web development.


Consultant and Trainer


Consultant trainer at Zenika Lille. Loïc carries out various missions around Java, JVM, solution architecture and performance. Neither the Cloud, nor Kubernetes, nor Kafka scare him; he likes challenges and learning new things. Quarkus contributor for more than 2 years, he contributes to several extensions and regularly talks about Quarkus (and other topics) in meetups or conferences and even sometimes on his blog.




Nicolas is an information security expert since 13 years and was involved in various security consulting engagements, from penetration tests to global risk assessments and security operations implementation. Today, he is currently working as a red teamer and in automating security operations at a large scale with open-source and Patrowl.io solutions.

Bertrand MAUGAIN



I have an engineering background in Telecommunications and Computer Science from INSA Lyon, and joined Ibexa’s precursor, eZ systems, in 2004. Today, as co-CEO, I have overall responsibility of all commercial and business developments activities in the different markets Ibexa operates in. A passionate advocate on evolving trends in digital experiences, business transformation and business model innovation, I love to write and present on these subjects and I enjoy helping Ibexa’s clients grow and transform their businesses.


Gloabl Head of Research

Technicolor Creative Studios

Graduated from École Supérieure des Ingénieurs de Marseille and École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, Benoit Maujean is dealing with the general management of R&D team and projects supervising, to enable the development of innovative services and production solutions. Benoit is also a board member of Cap Digital, the French business cluster for digital and ecological transformation.


E-Commerce Expert and Web / Technical Project Manager

Rocket Conseil

An expert in e-commerce, its automation and agile project management, Lillie helps her clients to:
– define their e-commerce visual and ergonomic needs by writing a technical and functional project scope;
– optimize user experience through site mapping, prototyping, wireframing;
– establish their brand identity with custom made UX / UI design in line with current market trends;
– create engaging online experiences with responsive or mobile-first web development;
– determine operational workflow;
– decrease operational costs with automation functionalities;
– increase customer retention rate with digital tools;
– resolve conversion funnels problems;
– go global with cross-border e-commerce.

Currently Lillie is Web & E-commerce Project Manager at Rocket Conseil, a web studio based in Paris, France.


Big Data Engineer

Nielsen Marketing Cloud

Simona Meriam is a Big Data Engineer at Nielsen Marketing Cloud, where she specializes in research and development of solutions for big data infrastructures using cutting-edge technologies such as Spark, Kafka, and Elasticsearch.

Rishabh MISRA

Machine Learning Engineer


Rishabh has a Masters in CS from the University of California San Diego and currently works at Twitter as an ML Engineer in the Timelines Quality team. He's passionate about identifying and tackling novel and practical problems using his ML expertise and his contributions have led to several research publications in competitive ML conferences like RecSys, ACL, and WSDM. The datasets he collected as part of his research have been very well received by the ML community. He was recently ranked in the top 20 dataset contributors on the Kaggle platform and his dataset on Sarcasm Detection was also used in Deeplearning.ai's Natural Language Processing in TensorFlow course on Coursera for teaching purposes. He also likes to explain convoluted concepts in an accessible manner and has written several blogs with the TowardDataScience online publication.

Personal Website: https://rishabhmisra.github.io/


Manager & co-founder

Belledonne Communications

Jehan Monnier, a graduate of ENSERG in Architecture of Digital Information Processing Systems, began his career in 1999 in the telecommunications division of Hewlett-Packard in Grenoble. He specialised in writing voice over IP server software based on the brand new SIP signalling protocol. In 2010 he founded Belledonne Communications with Simon Morlat, the author of the free software Linphone, to devote himself fully to the development of open source software in the telecommunications sector.




Camille MOULIN



Yannick MOY

Static Analysis Lead



Modelling & Simulation Lead Expert


Juan Navas is a Systems Architect with 15-years’ experience on performing Systems Engineering activities and implementing innovative engineering practices in multiple organizations. He currently leads the Modelling & Simulation team at Thales Corporate Engineering and dedicates most of his time to expertise and consulting for Thales business units and other organizations worldwide, accompanying managers and architects when implementing MBSE practices. He holds a PhD on embedded software engineering, a MSc Degree on control and computer science, and Electronics and Electrical Engineering Degrees.


Sales and Marketing Manager

Belledonne Communication

Track Business models, community sustainability and funding

Tristan NITOT


Octet Vert

Ingénieur en informatique de formation, Tristan est dans la marmite du numérique quand il était petit, à 14 ans. Il a passé sa carrière à construire des technologies qui donnent le pouvoir aux utilisateurs, à construire des communautés qui travaillent sur ces technologies, et à expliquer autour de lui comment fonctionnent ces technologies, quelles sont leurs enjeux, leurs possibilités et leurs limites. Il a fait la promotion du Web ouvert et accessible, du logiciel libre et open source, de la souveraineté numérique, de la vie privée numérique et maintenant celle du numérique responsable.
Il a co-fondé Mozilla Europe, lancé Firefox en Europe, poussé à son adoption et la croissance de sa communauté. Auteur de « libres », Tristan anime l’Octet Vert, un podcast sur la technologie et le climat.

Francois NOLLEN

IA & Bots

e.Voyageurs SNCF

François Nollen est responsable opérationnel des équipes Bots & IA chez e.Voyageurs SNCF.

Une cinquantaine de personnes conçoivent, développent et exploitent des agents conversationnels comme le bot OUI.sncf ou AlloCovid parmi les plus connus, ainsi que d’autres services IA autour du traitement du langage naturel et l’apprentissage automatique.

François est également committer et contributeur actif de la plateforme Open Source « Tock : The Open Conversation Kit » (https://doc.tock.ai).


PostgreSQL expert

Société Générale

I have worked with databases since the start of my career, starting with proprietary solutions before coming (and staying) within opensource ones. I am working full time on PostgreSQL and have been serving for the last 4 years as the secretary of the PostgreSQL FR association.

Clément OUDOT

Identity Solution Manager


clement OUDOT

Identity Solution Manager


Identity Management expert




CTO of Adelean, working with search and providing consulting services and expertise around Elasticsearch, Lucene and Solr. She brings her energy to leveraging search engines, as they become more and more essential in every domain.


Architecte Solutions

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Lancelot PECQUET

Chercheur, enseignant et consultant

Will Strategy

Lancelot PECQUET est consultant en stratégie et management depuis 2006, co-fondateur (2011) et président du cabinet Will Strategy qui a réalisé l'enquête sur l’état des lieux de la filière open source en France 2020/2021 pour le CNLL.

Il est également chercheur et eneignant depuis 1998 (universités Paris Sorbonne, Paris Est, Nanterre, Berkeley, Sydney, Poitiers, Inria, Bell Labs, Polytechnique, CentraleSupelec, Institut Mines-Télécom, ESSEC, Sciences Po, ENA…), maître de conférences en informatique et mathématiques et doctorant en psychologie (Université Paris Nanterre).

Il est également président d’Inria Alumni (28 000+ experts en sciences du numérique).


Professeur à l’Université de Bordeaux, co-président du Cluster NAOS


François Pellegrini is a professor in informatics at the University of Bordeaux, where he also teaches digital technologies law, and a researcher at LaBRI and Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest. He chairs Pôle Aquinetic, a non-profit that promotes in Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine entrepreneurship projects basing on free/libre business models. François Pellegrini is the co-author of the reference book "Droit des logiciels - logiciels privatifs et logiciels libres". He is occasionally appointed as an international expert on issues related to development, digital contents and education.

Yannig PERRE



As a system and application server administrator for many years, I have specialised in server management and continuous application deployment. I use this know-how in the implementation of monitoring tools, facilities management, resilience and scalability. I am also the author of books on Ansible and Kubernetes published by ENI.

Philippe PETIT


AAA Data




Track Cloud, Multicloud & vendor free, DevOps

Romaric is CEO and co-founder of Qovery, SRE and developer with over 10 years of experience.


Managing Director

Meshed Insights

Doing open source governance before it was cool.
See https://webmink.com/about




Vincent Picavet is an engineer in applied mathematics. After several years working in satellite imagery, he dedicated himself to Geographic Information Systems, designing and implementing spatial data infrastructures with opensource tools. He founded Oslandia in 2009, providing open source GIS services. Vincent is a regular speaker at French and international conferences, such as PGConf.eu, FOSS4G, and other events related to spatial data infrastructures and open source software.


research director


Marc Pierrot Deseilligny is a research director at the Institut National de l'Information Gépgraphique et Forestière where he has held several positions as a researcher and research manager.

For more than 30 years, his research has focused on image analysis in order to automate the creation of geographic information and more particularly on photogrammetry (3D modelling from stereoscopic images). He is the initiator and coordinator of the open-source photogrammetry project MicMac.


Developer & Evangelist


David Pilato discovered Elasticsearch project in 2011. After contributed to the project and created open source plugins for it, David joined elastic the company in 2013 where he is Developer and Evangelist. He also created and still actively managing the French spoken language User Group. At elastic, he mainly worked on Elasticsearch source code, specifically on open-source plugins. In his free time, he likes talking about elasticsearch in conferences or in companies (Brown Bag Lunches AKA BBLs - https://www.elastic.co/blog/free-lunch-for-open-source-engineers). He is also author of FSCrawler (https://github.com/dadoonet/fscrawler) project which helps to index your pdf, open office, whatever documents in elasticsearch using Apache Tika behind the scene.


Chargé de mission

Délégation numérique Nouvelle Aquitaine


Head of IP


After ten years as an Intellectual Property lawyer with Ralph Lauren and BIC, where she developed her experience in IP portfolio management and anti-counterfeiting, Audrey decided to focus her expertise on new technologies by joining Sage, the world's 3rd largest editor of management software, in 2010, where she set up the IP Department, and OVHcloud since 2017, as Head of IP, in charge of capturing and protecting innovation and managing all the IP assets of the company.


Senior Security Engineer


Kamil Potrec is a Senior Security Engineer at Snyk, working on security around Kubernetes and cloud platforms. Kamil has spent most of his professional career in offensive security, testing and researching cloud native solutions. Now he uses his skillset to help others build more secure solutions in the cloud.

Zachary POWELL

Lead Developer Advocate


With over 10 years experience in Android development Zachary now leads the AppGallery Connect Advocate team to promote the use of the tools and SDKs offered.


Principal Consultant, Search & Data


Lucian Precup founded [Adelean](http://adelean.com) and offers, since 2010, consulting services and expertise around Elasticsearch, Lucene and Solr. He helps companies and associations building or improving their own search engines. Lucian's latest project is [a//.site](http://all.site), your collaborative search engine.


Group Chief Technology Officer


Sophie Proust is a graduate of the Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité “Supélec” of Paris. She joined Bull in 1989 where she held various technical managerial positions. In 2010, Sophie headed the Tera100 Project which delivered the CEA with the first Petaflops-scale calculator in Europe. She joined the Atos Group in 2014 following the acquisition of Bull, where she held the position of Head of Research & Development for the Big Data & Cybersecurity Division from 2014 to January 2019. In January 2019, Sophie was appointed Group Chief Technology Officer (CTO), joining the Atos Executive Committee. Alongside this, Sophie is part of the Atos Quantum Advisory board. She has been a member of the board of directors of the Université Technologique de Troyes (UTT), board member of IDSA (International Data Spaces association), and member of the scientific board of INRIA (Institut national de recherche en sciences et technologies du numérique).


RISC-V and open hardware project leader


Jérôme Quévremont is RISC-V and open hardware project leader at Thales Research and Technology (TRT), Palaiseau, France. He serves as the chair of the OpenHW Group Technical WG and the technical leader of the CVA6 (formerly ARIANE) application core project. He is also the chairman of the Functional Safety special interest group at RISC-V International. His past experience includes the development of telecom and security integrated circuits at Texas Instruments and Thales Communications then the management of a development lab specialized in secure- and crypto-chips, mostly in ASIC technologies. He joined TRT in 2020.


Product Owner sur les produits/offres installés sur WSO2

AAA Data


Business Line Manager - Cloud & IoT


Jonathan RIVALAN

R&D - R&D Manager

Alter way

Jonathan Rivalan, is R&D manager at Alter Way. He has numerous experiences in leading R&D Open Source developments, including data management oriented topics, such as microservices data collection and scoring over time series. He is currently managing machine learning oriented topics, including an ongoing Phd thesis in the field of continuous optimisation through time series analysis.

Frédéric RODRIGO

OpenStreetMap Expert

Makina Corpus

Frédéric Rodrigo is one of the first OpenStreetMap contributor in France, the main maintainer of Osmose-QA an OpenStreetMap data Quality Assurance tool, co-funder of OpenStreetMap-France, was CTO and co-funder of Mapotempo a route planning optimizer and now OpenStreetMap Expert at Makina Corpus a service company in Libre software.


Software Architect


Passionate about software development and GIS, I have worked for more than 10 years for major accounts.
Since 2020, I have been working as a Software Architect on the development of Orange's OpenSource mapping platform.


Toolchain architect


Bernhard "bero" Rosenkränzer has been a Linux developer ever since he became curious about a stack of 84 floppy disks in the first half of the 1990s.
Some of his code can be found in anything from the Linux kernel to the KDE Plasma user interface.
He is currently a principal architect at Huawei's Open Source Technology Center, and a cofounder of OpenMandriva.
Previous workplaces include Linaro and Red Hat.


Data Scientist


I am Data Scientist for Centreon, where I specialized in building, optimizing and productioning hundreds of machine learning models. I hold a PhD in Material Science and pursued my learning in Statistics afterward with a specialty in time series. After 6 years as Data Scientist including 4 years as team leader, I've overseen the development of 3 key AI programs that led to better performance for end users. Dedicated to the end user, I am passionate about creating simple, seamless ML models that highlight the company offering.

Romain RUAUD

Architect - Head of Product


Working with Open Source software since 2007, I'm the Product Architect of ElasticSuite since several years.


Cloud Architect


Vincent holds a Master Degree in Engineering from the French Ecole des Mines de Nantes and has been in the embedded and cloud industry for 15 years.

He initially joined Windriver Systems to work on the debugging tools for the VxWorks operating system (dynamic module loading, multiprocessing, shells and interpreters).

In 2013, he relocated to San Francisco to join the Windriver Hypervisor team, then as a tech lead on the avionics-certified/DO-178C version of VxWorks, working in C, assembly and Python.

After that, he got the opportunity to join Datameer, an SF startup developing a new Apache Spark big data project. Part of the Datameer San Francisco engineering team, he built the cloud-enabled platform for this new tool using Java, React and Kubernetes (along with Helm and Terraform) running over Amazon EKS and Google GKE. It it this mix of cloud-based experience, along with the technical knowledge in the embedded industry that Vincent brings to Iot Bzh as Cloud Architect.


VP Strategic Dev. & Public Affairs


Chairman of Cispe
VP strategic dev & public Affais OVHcloud
Co-Founder and Vice Chair of Gaia-X Policy Rules Committee
Member of the boards of IRT SystemX, Alacrite Startup accelerator, Yncrea Engineering School
Lecturer at Institut Mines Telecom
Founder of 2 Open Source Services Companies


Responsable Inria Academy


Jean-Paul SMETS



Jean-Paul SMETS

Rapid.Space CEO


Founder of Rapid.Space and co-inventor of edge computing, Jean-Paul is promoting the development of converged cloud and vRAN industry based on radical transparency standards, a.ka. Hyper Open Cloud. Jean-Paul graduated from Ecole Normale Supérieure with a PhD in computer science and from Ecole des Mines de Paris with a Master in Public Administration. He is the original author of Nexedi’s open source ERP5 and an active member of Free Software associations.

Jean-Paul SMETS

Rapid.Space CEO


Founder of Rapid.Space and co-inventor of edge computing, Jean-Paul is promoting the development of converged cloud and vRAN industry based on radical transparency standards, a.ka. Hyper Open Cloud. Jean-Paul graduated from Ecole Normale Supérieure with a PhD in computer science and from Ecole des Mines de Paris with a Master in Public Administration. He is the original author of Nexedi’s open source ERP5 and an active member of Free Software associations.




Paolo Storti is an IT and Open Source Enthusiast. This passion dates back to the high-school days when, in 1993, he started using Linux and other Open Source software as they allowed more freedom and control. In his early career, while working in the new Open Source team for IBM, he came up with the idea of applying the Open Source business model to the Public Administration, first, and then to other specific industries, according to the always-evolving market needs.


Tech Lead | Author


Tech Lead by day, Author by night, Bogdan likes to experiment with cutting-edge technologies and teach about them. His favorite talking subjects are streaming data, event-driven architectures, distributed systems, and cloud technologies.

Speaker TBC




For the past 6 years, she has been leading the ITM's AI and Data platform, TeraLab, and has thus been able to support numerous innovation and research projects around data.
She is involved in numerous national and European initiatives in the field of AI and data and has been involved in the construction of GAIA X and IDSA.


Directrice de TeraLab

Institut Mines-Télécom

Anne-Sophie Taillandier is at the head of TeraLab at IMT since 2015. She has been appointed to the “Académie des technologies” since 2022. Her objective is to support companies in the adoption of new technologies in data and AI by implementing an ecosystem of researchers, innovative companies and startups and by providing sovereign, neutral and secure technologies. Previously, she had a diverse professional experience in software companies at Dassault systèmes, CTO of LTU Technologies. Anne-Sophie Taillandier graduated from Supélec (CentraleSupelec) in 1992 and has a PhD in applied mathematics (machine learning) from ENS Paris Saclay in 1998. She has been involved in the creation of Gaia-X, of which IMT is a founding member. She is in charge of the coordination of the Gaia-X Federated Services Development (GXFS) in France. The open source codeis at the heart of TeraLab or the GXFS.


ingénieur de recherche, logiciel SOFA



Product Manager



Senior Software Engineer

Red Hat

Sun is a Senior Software Engineer and a Java developer with 15 years experience, currently working at Red Hat. Sun is involved in the Eclipse Che project from the very beginning as a core contributor. He has recently joined the JKube project team. Sun has the community in his heart and is devoted to open source. He has been contributing to open source softwares while working for companies like Nuxeo, Serli and now Red Hat. Today, his adventure continues in sharing his source code, promoting great talks and speakers at his local Paris Java User Group, volunteering at Devoxx France, coding with Eclipse Che and enjoying his new hobby: brewing beer in his kitchen.

Fabrice TEGON

Directeur de projet


Fabrice Tegon a travaillé pendant 20 ans au ministère de l’intérieur, tout d’abord en tant qu’expert technique puis en chef de projet avant de piloter l’équipe responsable de la messagerie et des outils collaboratifs, délivrant et faisant évoluer le service pour plus de 200.000 personnes à travers le monde. Il a ainsi acquis une solide expérience métier et une forte connaissance du monde de l’open source. En tant que directeur de projets, il met aujourd’hui ses compétences et son savoir-faire au service de BlueMind.




Cedric Thomas, is OW2 CEO. An IT industry veteran with twenty-five years of experience in strategic and marketing consulting for IT vendors and systems integrators, Cedric has masterminded the launch of the OW2 Consortium. Previously, as both an investor and a consultant with FronTier Associates, he actively took part in three IPOs, contributed to the launch of several technology start-ups, helped establish a start-up incubator in Paris and set up technology firms in Boston and San Francisco. Before that, he was VP and Research Director at PAC, an independent provider of consultancy and marketing studies for the IT industry. Cédric studied for his PhD in Economics at the Sorbonne and holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Paris. He teaches business strategy in several master programs.

Antoine THOMAS

Open Source Evangelist


Open source evangelist at Prestashop, the open source ecommerce software. Founder of Une Jolie Musique, a not for profit studio using open source and open source based software only to record music and produce videos. I also teach and advise on open source, and write tutorials. Involved in various Open Source and Free Software projects and communities for many years. Ubuntu Studio co-founder.




Cedric Thomas, is OW2 CEO. An IT industry veteran with twenty-five years of experience in strategic and marketing consulting for IT vendors and systems integrators, Cedric has masterminded the launch of the OW2 Consortium. Previously, as both an investor and a consultant with FronTier Associates, the consulting company he founded in 1997, he actively took part in three IPOs, contributed to the launch of several technology start-ups, helped establish a start-up incubator in Paris and set up technology firms in Boston and San Francisco. Before that, he was VP and Research Director at PAC, an independent provider of consultancy and marketing studies for the IT industry where he established successful research programs in Open Systems, IT spending and Outsourcing. Cédric studied for his PhD in Economics at the Sorbonne and holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Paris. He has taught business strategy in several master programs.


Open Source Software for Information Systems


Cedric Thomas, is OW2 CEO. An IT industry veteran with twenty-five years of experience in strategic and marketing consulting for IT vendors and systems integrators, Cedric has masterminded the launch of the OW2 Consortium. Previously, as both an investor and a consultant with FronTier Associates, the consulting company he founded in 1997, he actively took part in three IPOs, contributed to the launch of several technology start-ups, helped establish a start-up incubator in Paris and set up technology firms in Boston and San Francisco. Before that, he was VP and Research Director at PAC, an independent provider of consultancy and marketing studies for the IT industry where he established successful research programs in Open Systems, IT spending and Outsourcing. Cédric studied for his PhD in Economics at the Sorbonne and holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Paris. He teaches business strategy in several master programs.

François TONIC

Editeur & rédacteur en chef


Véronique TORNER

Co-founder & Co-Chairwoman

Alter way

Diplômée de CPE Lyon, Véronique Torner démarre son parcours entrepreneurial en 1998 avec la co-création de Black Orange, une startup e-commerce qui sera cédée aux Éditions Atlas en 2000. A la suite, elle prend la direction générale de Masterline Net Solutions puis de Masterline pendant 5 ans aux côtés de Philippe Montargès, son fondateur. Masterline sera cédée à Alti fin 2005. Philippe Montargès et Véronique Torner co-fondent en 2006, alter way, une PME technologique qui conçoit, développe et infogère des services applicatifs et d'infrastructure numériques autour du cloud et des méthodes DevOps.
Depuis 2009, Véronique Torner est présidente de l’Open CIO Summit, le premier sommet de l’Open Source « par les DSI pour les DSI ». Elle intervient régulièrement auprès des décideurs SI pour les accompagner dans leur réflexion stratégique et la mise en œuvre de projets Open Source. Depuis 2013, membre du conseil d'administration et du comex au Numeum Véronique Torner pilote le programme Numérique Responsable et le projet Planet Tech'Care.


Chief Technology and Innovation Officer


Michaël Trabbia joined Orange in January 2011 and held several senior positions within the company: CEO of Orange Belgium, Chief of Staff for the Chairman and CEO of Orange, and Secretary of the Group’s Executive Committee and Group Senior VP for Corporate Public Affairs. Before joining Orange, he was Deputy Head of Cabinet of the Minister for Industry and Head of “Industrial Sectors Policy”, Head of Strategy and Development at TDF, Advisor for “ICT and Europe” to the cabinet of the Minister for Regional Development and Advisor to the cabinet of the Minister for European Affairs. He began his career in 2001 with the French regulator ARCEP, where he was responsible for the attribution and regulation of mobile licences.
Michaël Trabbia is a graduate of École polytechnique and Télécom ParisTech, and holds a Master of Advanced Studies in Industrial Economics.


Senior Security Researcher


Slim Trabelsi is senior security researcher. With a strong background on privacy, data protection and social media security , he is currently focusing his research activities on cyber security, threat intelligence and surveillance. He is also acting as security expert for the EU commission for the H2020 program and the SME instrument. Before joining SAP in 2008, he received a Ph.D on Security for ubiquitous environments.

Cedric ULMER




Chef de projets numériques

Communauté d'Agglomération de La Rochelle


co-founder and member of the Management Board.


Isabella VANNI

Coordinatrice vie associative et responsable projets


Isabella Vanni est coordinatrice vie associative et responsable projets à l'April depuis septembre 2014.

Valeriane VENANCE

Developer Evangelist



Consultant Cloud


At first I worked with Devs on embedded solutions, but as my positions changed I moved to Ops on various infrastructure solutions. For more than 10 years I worked with Devs and Ops, showing a willingness to offer choices around Open Source solutions. I have been a consultant for more than 3 years now, and bring to companies my know-how on automation and observability topics, as an Ops at the service of Devs.


Marketing Lead

The Document Foundation


Marketing Lead

The Document Foundation

Italo Vignoli is a founding member of The Document Foundation, President Emeritus of Associazione LibreItalia, a member of the Board of Directors of the Open Source Initiative (OSI) and co-chair of the ODF Advocacy OASIS Open Project. He co-leads LibreOffice's marketing, public and media relations, co-chairs the certification programme and is the project spokesperson. He has contributed to major LibreOffice migration projects in Italy, and is a certified LibreOffice migrant and trainer.


Head of CaaS


With a degree in computer engineering specialising in networks and virtualisation from Efrei, Pierre Villard has been working for Ilki for over three years.
Ambitious and invested in his work, he naturally turned to automation, containerisation and migration missions. The realization of his different missions allows him today to have a global approach of the development of a project. Passionate about the Devops environment, he regularly creates and delivers professional training courses (from the basics to expertise) around new technologies such as
Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, Terraform while having a solid knowledge of legacy technologies.
Pierre is also the creator of Agorakube, the first and only French open source Kubernetes distribution certified by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.
Pierre Villard is Principal Architect and Head of the CaaS offering at Ilki.


Azure Architect Team Leader


With 20 years of experience in the IT world, Franck participates in the free software movement through his personal contributions and the roles he has had in the companies for which he has worked. Technical manager of the first open source software support market for the Ministry of Finance in 2007, then of the inter-ministerial contract from 2012 to 2015 within Capgemini, Franck was in charge of the industrial tooling of Capgemini projects at European level building a dockerized platform integrating 100% of opensource technologies.

Franck joined Microsoft 5 years ago as an Azure architect specializing in Open Source technologies, he is the co-facilitator of the Open Source community within Microsoft France. At present, Franck is the head of the Azure architectural team within the "Global Partner Solutions" division.

Franck is the main maintainer of the Fusionforge project, the original Forge engine derived from the initial SourceForge code.


Consultant Open Source


Christophe Villeneuve est Consultant Open Source à Atos Il est impliqué dans de nombreuses technologies tels que PHP, Drupal, MariaDB, Mozilla Firefox... Il est aussi chroniqueur radio, auteur de Livres d'articles dans différents magazines et le PHPère des elePHPants.


Associate Professor

Faculté Warocqué d'Économie et de Gestion (UMONS)

Robert VISEUR is a lecturer and head of the ICT department at the Warocque Faculty of Economics and Management (UMONS).

Gilles VITON

Head of Open Source program

Orange France

During 16 years either in France or for Orange affiliates, I was either consultant in telco IS or a BI&DWH expert.
In 2011 I worked as a Sofwtare Asset Manager for 6 years where I discover disappointing relationship with software vendors and at the opposite, open innovation with the open source ecosystem.
Convinced that open source is the best instance of open innovation, I immediately applied as head of the new program for community open source promotion at Orange France in 2017.
Since more than 4 years now, I strongly believe that sharing knowledge on how to deploy Open Source in industry is a central point to facilitate its ecosystem sustainability for industrial purposes.
That is why I am involved in the boards of OW2 consortium and TOSIT association, to find synergies and win win relationship with open source ecosystem.
Today Orange France use more and more community Open Source.
We are under processing the generalization of collaboration with these communities through trusted partners like Oslandia or Rasa.
That is why Oslandia and Rasa will co-present with us two return on experiences on Orange France projects at OSXP 2021 !

Hong-Phuc VU

Ingénieur R&D

Alter way

Aurélien WATARE

Project Manager


After a master degree in electrical engineering I started to work at RTE in 2008 as a dispatcher in the grid control center. Since I wanted to know how it worked under the hood I moved to the R&D department to study the impact of RES (Renewable Energy Sources) on distance protections.
I did also some work on LPITs (Low Power Instrument Transformers) and HIL (Hardware in The Loop) simulation.
Since 2017 I’m working on virtualization/containerization of real-time and non-real-time automatons.
I’m currently in charge of the project that aim to develop, build, test and maintain a virtualized infrastructure for RTE next digital substation.


Project Manager



Director of Open Source Supply Chain Security

Linux Foundation

Dr. David A. Wheeler is an expert on open source software (OSS) and on developing secure software. He is the Director of Open Source Supply Chain Security at the Linux Foundation and teaches a graduate course in developing secure software at George Mason University (GMU). Dr. Wheeler has a PhD in Information Technology, a Master's in Computer Science, a certificate in Information Security, a certificate in Software Engineering, and a B.S. in Electronics Engineering, all from George Mason University (GMU). He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). He lives in Northern Virginia.

Mathias WOLFF

Product Owner

Wazo Communication Inc.


Responsable Open Source


Florent ZARA

Responsable Technique

Henix / LinuxFr

Florent Zara is a French & Canadian Engineer and has been involved, both personally and professionally, in the FLOSS community since 1999. He has been president of the Open World Forum 2014 edition and speaker at Paris Open Source summit, OpenExpoEurope and the Linux Foundation Open Source Summit. Today he is an admin at LinuxFr.org (reference french-speaking, community driven website about Free and Open Source software) and CTO and Open/Inner Source expert of Henix, editor of the Open Source quality software toolsuite Squashtest. He's been an Open Source advisor for large companies, helping them with governance, licensing as well as change management. Today at ENGIE Digital, he's the project leader of the Innersource initiative and also started a cross company workgroup on this topic. He also helps internal project who wants to go Inner/Open Source.

Laijun ZHOU

Cloud Business Manager France


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