8 & 9
November 2022
Palais des congrès - Paris
Same dates and place as Sido Paris
Meeting with the european open source community

An event proposed by

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Call for proposal: the selection process

Members of the program committee:

The program committee is made up of two co-presidents, 5 vice-presidents and “track leaders”.  Each vice-president has a theme for which he is responsible (with his track leaders) for steering the editorial line. 


The themes are: 

  • Technology and solutions, 
  • Challenges, governance and ecosystem, 
  • Europa, 
  • Industrial strategies, 
  • Sustainable IT. 


The contents of the “Europe” and “Industrial strategies” themes will be entirely designed and proposed by the program committee without going through a call for proposals. 

 The contents of the other themes “Tech and solutions”, “Challenges, governance and ecosystem”, “Responsible digital” will be subject to a call for proposals which may be enriched with other conferences proposed by the program committee. 

For more information on each committee member, please visit our dedicated page. 


Step #1 – Collection of Proposals 

The collection of proposals will be open from April 18 to June 15. During this period, speakers submit their proposals on the sessionize.com platform. 

French native speakers are invited to submit in French; other speakers are invited to submit in English. 


Step #2 – Selecting First Speakers 

Around the second week of May, the program committee will choose a few “early bird” proposals from those that have been submitted. This first selection aims to promote the event and encourage more people to submit proposals. 


Step #3 – CFP Closing and Initial Screening 

The track leaders examine and evaluate the proposals of the tracks for which they are responsible according to a scale: YES, NO, DK. A first selection is thus obtained. The Thematic Vice-Chair may veto or encourage a specific proposal. Each track is then discussed and adjusted between track leaders and vice-president of the same theme during a meeting in July. Stakeholders may be called upon to clarify a proposal or answer questions during the selection process. 


Step #4 – Final Deliberation 

The program committee will finally meet for a final deliberation, to ensure that the selected proposals are well balanced, especially between each themes of the program.  

It is also important for Open Source Experience that diversity is respected among speakers and that we can offer talks in English. If we have not yet achieved these goals, we will modify the selection (with as few changes as possible). Once the list is final, we will contact all speakers and ask them to confirm their availability. At this point, a small number of speakers may need to withdraw their submissions, in which case we will replace them with the top ranked ones from the waiting list. 

Of course, nothing is ever perfect and we will continually refine this selection process over the next few years. Despite the fact that the selection becomes more and more difficult, our objective remains simple: to offer our participants the best program possible!


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at steven@opensource-experience.com, and we’d be happy to discuss them with you in more detail.

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