9 & 10
November 2021
Palais des congrès - Paris Meeting with the european open source community

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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to register to retrieve / edit my badge? As a speaker, you will automatically be registered for the event, without having to do anything. You will receive your VIP badge by email, which you can print or simply collect at the reception of the Open Source Experience show on the day of your intervention.


What are the sanitary measures planned for the show? In this unprecedented period, our team is preparing a quality event for you in complete safety. To do this, we are closely monitoring health measures recommended by the government as well as the WHO (World Health Organization). You will soon discover the details of the sanitary measures that will be put in place during this edition.


Where should I go when I arrive? After collecting your VIP badge at reception, please go to the lecturer area in the Hall Maillot mezzanine room at least 30 minutes before your intervention. There, you will be greeted by the content team.


When can I access the conference room? The room will be accessible 15 minutes before, but the conference room is at your disposal for the duration of the show.


Will there be someone to introduce me? Yes, there will be a facilitator in each room to introduce the speakers and link the different sessions.


As a speaker, do I have free access to the show? As a speaker, you get free VIP access to the Open Source Experience and SIDO lounges. This badge gives you access to the Business Bar of the two lounges where drinks will be offered to you.


Do I have to submit my presentation material in advance? Yes, you will need to submit your presentation in 16: 9 format to the content team (program@opensource-experience.com) before November 1, 2021.


What audiovisual equipment will be available in the conference rooms? A computer will be at your disposal to broadcast your presentation which you will need to bring with you on a USB key. The room will be equipped with a projection screen, a microphone and a minimum audio capture system.


Do I have to use my own laptop for my presentation? A computer will be at your disposal on site but you can use your computer if necessary (for a demo or other). We will specify later the connection available on site (VGA or HDMI).


Can I include a video in my presentation? Yes, you can include a video in your presentation.


How will the room be configured? The room will be set up in a theater format: the speaker in front of several rows of chairs for the audience.


Will Open Source Experience record / film my session? The interventions are filmed and recorded and will be available in replay until February 3, 2022 and then accessible on our website in the video gallery as well as on youtube.


Can I have a lavalier microphone? No, sanitary conditions do not allow us to offer the use of lavalier microphones.


Will I have access to the Internet? You can have access to the internet via wifi. However, we recommend that you have all of your content pre-downloaded in your presentation.


Will a satisfaction questionnaire be submitted to participants? Yes, a questionnaire can be sent to assess participants’ overall satisfaction with the program. There will be no individual evaluation of the interventions.


Will my presentation be available to attendees? The presentations will be available in replay on our digital platform until February 3, 2022 and then accessible on our website in the video gallery as well as on youtube.


Will my conference presentation material be made available to participants? No, it is not intended that conference presentation materials will be made available to participants.


Do you have technical recommendations for my presentation medium? No, you just need to send your presentation in 16: 9 format.


Do you reimburse travel and catering costs? There is no provision for the speakers expenses. If you have a problem coming, please contact us via program@opensource-experience.com.


Will I be able to attend other sessions than mine? Yes, you will have access to all the conferences and events at the show.


Do you expect anything other than my intervention? A priori no, but otherwise, you will be contacted directly by the content team.


What should I do if I need technical support on the day of the conference? A technical team will be on site to ensure the smooth running of the session, all you have to do is let them know!


Who do I contact if I have further questions / concerns about speaking? If you have any questions or problems, contact us by email via programme@opensource-experience.com.

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