4 & 5
December 2024
Palais des congrès - Paris
Meeting with the european open source community

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2023 Themes

1 ) Strategy and governance: legal, economic, geopolitical and community issues

  • Economic: economic models and sustainability, financing/public-private-common partnership, valuation and metrics
  • Organizational: community aspects, synergy with other open models (open data, open science, commons)
  • Legal security: licenses, Intellectual Property strategy, supply chain compliance and integration, GDPR
  • Politics: sovereignty, Europe, USA/China, pro-open source French public policy articulation
  • Organizational policy: open source and remote/hybrid work (HR and legal), diversity, articulation between new roles/functions: OSPO, CDO, AMDAC, DPO

Vice President of Strategy and governance: legal, economic, geopolitical and community issues thematic – Célya GRUSON-DANIEL – Open R&D Manager – Inno³


2 ) Sustainable digital technology (link to the environment and to human beings)

Societal issues: 

  • Gender diversity, representativeness, and diversity 
  • Digital accessibility 
  • Ethics 

Environmental issues: 

  • Software and hardware eco-design 
  • Extending the life of hardware and the contribution of open source 
  • Reduction of energy consumption and computer resources 

Vice President of Sustainable digital technology thematic – Richard Hanna – Développeur, expert écoconception et animateur du podcast Technologie


3 ) Technologies (Languages, tools, Cloud, DevOps, Infrastructure, Cyber, Web)

    • Languages ​​& Frameworks & Tools
      • Rust, Go, Haskell, Scala, Java, JavaScript, Node, …
      • React, Vue.js, Spring, Quarkus, …
      • Web IDE, Source code management, Dependency management, …
    • Programming & Methodologies
      • Extreme programmer pure and hard or adoption of certain practices
      • TDD, BDD, DDD, …
      • How to choose and adapt your development workflow
      • No-code, low-code
      • 100% remote work, good practices
    • Platforms & Deployments
      • Containers, Docker, Podman, …
      • Kubernetes, OpenStack, Nomad, PaaS, CaaS, …
      • Cloud and/or “on-premises”
      • Knative, Lambda, …
    • DevOps and Tools
      • CI/CD, Tekton, Jenkins, GitLab CI, GitHub actions, …
      • GitOps, FluxCD, ArgoCD…
      • Dev”Sec”Ops (Vulnerability management in development)
      • Optimization, monitoring, telemetry,
    • CyberSecurity
      • Digital threats, what are they? How to protect yourself from it?
      • Incident prevention and management
      • Protection of sensitive data
    • Authentication and Permissions
      • Centralized authentication (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (2FA/MFA)
      • Permission management in distributed system
    • The future of technology
      • WebAssembly
      • Web 3
      • Quantum Computing

Vice President of Technologies (Languages, tools, Cloud, DevOps, Infrastructure, Cyber, Web) thematic – Philippe CHARRIÈRE – Customer Success Engineer & Customer Success Manager – GitLab


4 ) Embedded, IOT, Open Hardware & Industry

  • Real-time operating systems: Zephyr, FreeRTOS, mbed, Linux RT, … 
  • Connectivity: long and short range 
  • Kernel Linux: Edge computing, AI, ML 
  • Open Hardware: RISC-V Open Compute project 
  • Build systems: Yocto, OpenWrt, Buildroot 
  • Upgrading and provisioning 
  • Firmware, BSP and Bootloader 
  • Security & Safety 
  • IoT platform  

Vice President of Embedded, IOT, Open Hardware & Industry thematic – Cedric RAVALEC – Head of Embedded & IoT solutions – Smile Groupe


5 ) Enterprise solutions: from internal collaboration to external communication

The “Enterprise Solutions: from internal collaboration to external communication” Track invites publishers, suppliers and buyers of free solutions to present their expertise and their vision of the collaborative work environment. collaborative messaging, unified communication, knowledge management, user experience, content management, e-commerce, digital experience… all the key topics of business computing will be covered in conferences and round tables with the backdrop of the essential thread of cybersecurity.

Future of work : Digital Workplace

  • Collaborative work and Teleworking
  • Collaborative messaging (email, calendar, etc.) and instant messaging
  • Unified Communication
  • GED, project management, knowledge management
  • Enterprise solutions: CRM, ERP, WMS…
  • Uses and user experience
  • Cybersecurity: Robustness and security (identities, etc.), resilience (disaster recovery plan, PRA, BCP, etc.)

Future of web: publication of content and services

  • Web and CMS publishing tools (e.g. WordPress, Drupal, Strapi, Contentful, Prismic)
  • Digital Experience Management (DxP)
  • The revival of e-commerce: Headless commerce and OmniChannel
  • The new publishing tools: NoCode, CodeLess and LowCode

Vice President of Digital workplace and enterprise solutions thematic – Leslie SALADIN – Digital Marketing and Communications Manager – BlueMind


6 ) AI, Machine Learning, Data:

  • “Large Language Models” and Code Automation 
  • Open-Source Tools and Products 
  • Open Datasets, Models & Licenses 
  • Applications 
  • Freedom, Security, Surveillance and Regulation

Vice President of AI, Machine Learning, Data thematic – Emmanuel BENAZERA – CEO – Joliebrain


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