6 & 7
December 2023
Palais des congrès - Paris
Same dates and place as Sido Paris
Meeting with the european open source community

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Infopro Digital Trade Shows

Themes 2022

1- Issues, Governance and Ecosystem

Open Source has a major role to play for European digital sovereignty. How can Open Source address this strategic issue? We will show how to implement and develop strategies and governance necessary for this issue, for example through the OSPOs. We will be interested in Open Source communities, how to animate them but also finance them. We will study the economic models and the mechanisms of financing of the Open Source sector, as well as the innovative approaches allowing to support the producers of free code. Finally, we will focus on openness in areas other than code, such as Open Data and Open Science.

Tracks :

  • Open Source : Issues, strategies and digital sovereignty
  • Governance and OSPO
  • Business models, community sustainability and funding
  • Open Models (open data, science, education…)

2- Sustainable IT

One of the main levers for reducing the environmental footprint of digital technology is to extend the life of digital equipment as much as possible. How to reduce software-induced obsolescence on hardware? What is the contribution of open source to a more sustainable digital? We will talk about obsolescence, whether planned or unintentional, eco-design of digital services, appropriate technology, low tech, durable, sober, robust, maintained and repairable solutions.

3- Tech & Solutions

Open source allows the whole community to be inspired, to understand, to verify, to correct, or to increase what could constitute the base of a world digital heritage. This base would have no interest if it were static – in its “repository” – on the contrary, this open source comes to life in the form of concrete solutions, technological bricks themselves integrated into other solutions, new operational, and always a source of value creation, whether economic, academic or social.

Tracks :

  • Data transformation, ML/AI, web3, distribution, analytics
  • Data storing, securing, hardening/cyber
  • IoT, Embedded Edge et Open Hardware, Makers
  • Cloud, Multicloud & vendor free, DevOps
  • Digital workplace
  • Business Apps and Business Solutions

4- Industrial Strategies

Open source is (finally) at the heart of rebuilding the industry. These last years of pandemic and international instability have shown the vulnerability of our industries to technologies that can become geopolitical tools. Initiatives such as Gaia X, international but deeply European, have also appeared to offer key open source components for the interoperability or even the portability of solutions in order to avoid confinement or the technological dependence of industry and SMEs.


5- Europe

For several years, the whole European ecosystem has acknowledged the immense benefits of open source for both European businesses and public administrations, but now are the times when open source is seen as a strategic tool to achieve policy goals, to support open approach to digital transformation, and to foster digital sovereignty. The Europe track at OSXP will provide a space for discussing open source at a European level, including relevant digital policies, transnational public-private collaboration schemes with a focus on Franco German collaborations, and inspiring and overarching strategies for supporting open source innovation and actors.

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